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The MOT is a legal requirement when a vehicle reaches a certain age and assesses whether the vehicle meets the legal, safety, and environmental standards to be considered roadworthy in the UK.

National have Approved MOT Testing Centres throughout the UK and we perform tens of thousands of MOTs every year. All our MOT Testers complete stringent training and undergo continual reassessment by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) to ensure the service provided to you is of the highest quality. 

At National, we are committed to keeping your costs as low as possible and continually price check against our competitors to ensure we remain the most competitive in the industry.


When does my car need an MOT check?

Your car needs its first MOT on the third anniversary of its registration (the date it was first registered for use on the road, not the date it was actually manufactured).

After its initial MOT, it will then require one every year on the anniversary of its last MOT.


When is my MOT check due?

You can check to see whether your vehicle has a valid MOT certificate and when it expires by visiting our MOT Due Date Check page. Just enter your registration number and it's completely free of charge.


How do I book an MOT check?

You can book online today and simply select a date, time, and location of your choosing. We'll send you an order confirmation and it's as simple as that.

To ensure you pay the lowest MOT price book an MOT appointment online today in just 3 easy steps.


1.       Hit the green BOOK NOW button above (sign up to our reminder service to get your half-price code)

2.       Select your nearest MOT centre, date, and time slot

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What does an MOT check cost?

The DVSA sets a maximum cost for an MOT depending on the type of vehicle.

Costs can range from £29.65 for a small motorcycle (up to 200cc) to £124.50 for a vehicle like a coach that can seat more than 16 passengers.

The current maximum MOT fee for a ‘Class 4’ Car is £54.85.

You can find a list of current MOT test fees here at

At National, we charge a special online price of £35 and this can be further discounted to £27.42 if you sign up to our MOT reminder service


Can I still get an MOT during Lockdown?

The vehicle repair and MOT services provided by National are deemed 'essential' as part of maintaining the 'critical national infrastructure' and are therefore permitted to stay open, following COVID-19 secure guidelines, to provide essential goods and services to those that need their vehicle to maintain mobility.

The Government has confirmed that MOTs can and should be carried out as normal. Unsure of your MOT date? Please click here to check when your MOT is due. (Your MOT expiry date may have been extended due to the Government's MOT extension scheme during the first national lockdown).


Book early to avoid disappointment during this period of high demand

We would advise customers to book their MOT slots early to avoid the rush. You can book up to one year ahead on our web site.

We are still offering MOT slots for the discounted price of £35 (normal DVSA rate is £54.85). As an additional incentive to those signing up to our MOT reminder service, we are offering an MOT slot at 1/2 price (£27.42).


Should I book an MOT or a Service?

The MOT does not check a vehicle's general mechanical condition and in that respect cannot be considered to be the same as a service. An MOT test does NOT cover engine condition for example.

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Where do I get an MOT near me?

Visit our branch pages to find your nearest MOT centre


Frequently Asked Questions about MOT Checks


MOT originally stood for Ministry of Transport (a now obsolete Government department) and the MOT Test was first introduced in 1960. Originally, it was only conducted when a vehicle reached 10 years old and then every year thereafter. It is a far more wide-reaching test now than it was back then, but vehicles have become a lot more complex!

The MOT is a legal check that ensures your vehicle is roadworthy.

Important parts are checked to ensure they meet legal standards but the test does NOT cover engine condition, gearbox or clutch condition.

The MOT test covers the following;

  • The vehicle’s bodywork and structure to ensure there is no excessive corrosion that may affect its structural integrity
  • The tow bar (if fitted) to ensure its fitted properly and has a functioning electrical supply
  • The fuel system (including all its hoses and pipes) will be checked for leaks and to ensure everything is secure. The fuel cap will also be checked to ensure it opens and closes securely.
  • The exhaust’s emissions will be checked (along with its general condition – safely secured, noise and leaks) to make sure it meets emissions regulations. They’ll also check that a Catalytic Converter is present (if one was factory fitted).
  • The seatbelts will all be checked to ensure they are working, safe and secure. Airbag warning lights, seatbelt pre-tensioners and load limiters will also be checked.
  • The seats will also be checked to ensure they are secure and that the driver’s seat can be adjusted.
  • The doors will be checked to ensure the open/close properly from the inside and the outside and all latches are secure and in a good condition.
  • The mirrors will all be checked.
  • The boot and bonnet will be checked to ensure they open and closes properly
  • The brakes will be checked (with the wheels on) for braking efficiency (called the efficiency test), this will also include the electronic parking brake, ESC (electronic stability control) and ABS (anti-lock braking system) if fitted as standard. All dashboard warning lights will be checked including the brake fluid warning light.
  • The wheels and tyres will be checked for security, general condition, tread depth, size and type. Spare wheels and tyres are NOT covered in an MOT. The TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) will also be checked for vehicles registered after 1st January 2012.
  • The vehicle’s registration plates will be checked to ensure they comply with the regulations and are fitted correctly. The VIN (vehicle identification number) is also checked to ensure a single VIN is displayed.
  • The headlights will be checked to ensure they are functioning and aimed correctly.
  • The washers, wipers and windscreen will be checked to ensure clear road visibility.
  • The horn will be checked for suitability and function
  • The steering and suspension condition (and steering oil) will be checked for inappropriate repairs and corrosion and that the steering lock works correctly. All dashboard warning lights will also be checked.
  • The battery and any electrical wiring that is visible will also be checked.


For more information on what's included in the car MOT checklist? Click here

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Check out our top tips to help you prepare for your MOT. These simple checks will greatly increase your vehicle's chances of passing it's MOT first time.

The easiest solution is to set a reminder on your mobile phone or in your diary. Or you may prefer to simply sign up for our FREE MOT Reminder service and we'll remind you 6 weeks, 4 weeks and 2 weeks before your MOT is due.

Remember you can be fined up to £1,000 for driving without an MOT certificate.

MOTs last for a full year and the expiry date is printed on your MOT certificate.

You can actually get your MOT up to one month (minus 1 day) BEFORE it expires and it will not affect your renewal date (so you will still get the full 12 months benefit).

For example, if your vehicle’s MOT expires on the 12th October, the earliest you can book your MOT in is the 13th September (one month minus 1 day). In this example, you would still keep your 12th October renewal date.

You can actually take you vehicle for an MOT test at ANY time you like (car dealers will often have a second-hand car re-tested to give the new owner the benefit of a 12-month certificate), but the MOT certificate will then only last for one year from the date of the MOT (minus 1 day).

For example, using the above scenario, if you decide to take the vehicle for its MOT on the 7th September then the new expiry date will now be the 6th September the following year.

You cannot renew your vehicle tax without a valid MOT test certificate. You need to renew your tax AFTER it has passed an MOT.

You can be fined £1,000 for driving a vehicle on a public road without a valid MOT test certificate. There are some exceptions (see below).

Driving or parking a vehicle on a public road without a valid MOT is a prosecutable offense, BUT you CAN drive the vehicle to and from an MOT test centre (you may need to prove to the Police that you have a booked appointment). You ARE also allowed to drive it to and from a repair centre (again, you may need to provide evidence if stopped by the Police).

It is illegal to drive a car on UK roads without insurance, even if you are driving it to an MOT test centre. Driving on a public road without cover could result in unlimited fines, 6-8 penalty points or even a lengthy ban. Day insurance can be a cost-effective to insure your vehicle for short periods. 

In most cases an insurance company will invalidate your policy if your MOT certificate has expired. This will leave you to pick up any repair costs following an accident and if you are found to be at fault for an accident involving a third party, then any damages incurred by them will also be your responsibility. The following article offers more information on this topic, telling you how to Check Tax and MOT and Insurance.

You can book an MOT at any approved testing station. There are around 23,000 repair garages that are authorised to conduct an MOT test in Great Britain. Authorised centres have to meet stringent criteria and MOT Testers are highly trained and continually tested throughout their career. You can find your nearest National MOT Test Centre here

MOT stations have to be approved and regulated by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) which is a Government agency and part of the UK Department for Transport (DfT). Only, authorised MOT test centres are allowed to display the blue MOT symbol with three white triangles.

Each vehicle type is given a ‘Class’ from 1-7.  Prices vary between classes.

Not all MOT testing centres can carry out MOTs on all classes of vehicles.

At National, we only carry out Class 4 MOT’s which covers the following vehicle types;

·         3-wheeled vehicles (over 450Kg)

·         Cars (with up to 8 passenger seats)

·         Motor Caravans

·         Dual Purpose Vehicles

·         Private hire and public services vehicles (up to 8 seats)

·         Ambulances and taxis

·         Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (9-12 passenger seats)

·         Goods vehicles (up to 3,000kg)


* Not all MOT ramps can accommodate Long Wheel Base (LWB) Vans or Motorhomes, please check before traveling

An MOT either passes or fails an MOT.

You can check your vehicles MOT history including whether it’s passed or failed; the mileage; test location and failure items on Government's web site at

If it passes, it will receive an MOT test certificate (VT20) and will be recorded in the DVSA’s MOT database.

You may receive notification of ‘minor’ or ‘advisory’ items that may need monitoring before the next test (VT32).

If the test reveals ‘dangerous’ or ‘major’ problems then it will fail and you may need to get the problems fixed before driving it again.

You will be issued with a ‘refusal of an MOT test certificate’ (VT30) and this will be recorded in the DVSA’s MOT database.


You can read more about your options if your car fails it's MOT here.

No you do not need take your previous MOT certificate with you when you go for a test. You can read more about it here: Are old MOT certificates needed when re-testing?

If your car has no MOT, you can only legally drive to the garage en-route to your appointment. For more information on driving a car without an MOT, please click on the following article: Can you drive a car without an MOT?

As part of the MOT check, you will fail if your exhaust emissions exceed the legal limit. If you own a diesel car and would like to read more about this, please click on the following article: 5 ways to reduce diesel emissions ahead of an MOT check

Please click the following article do find out what MOT stands for: What does MOT stand for?

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