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How do EV tyres work?

EV tyres ensure that your vehicle works as efficiently as possible, therefore increasing your range. They are made to hold more weight than a normal tyre, due to the heavy batteries found in EVs. They also increase range through improved aerodynamics, special compounds to decrease rolling resistance and excellent grip to reduce any wheel spin.


What makes EV tyres different?

One of the main reasons why EV tyres differ from regular car tyres is an increased weight load. Batteries in EV cars are currently heavier than a traditional car engine. This weight is carried by the tyres, and therefore EV tyres are manufactured to carry heavier loads.

Normal tyres would receive very high wear if used on EVs, as they’re not built for the increased weight load. Therefore, EV tyres are better suited to carrying a heavier weight without a significant increase in tyre wear.

A tyre provides maximum performance when used at its optimal level. If a weight load is too heavy for a tyre, this may cause the air pressure in the tyre to be incorrect. This can lead to a tyre bulge and place excess force on the tyre tread, leading to the tyre wearing faster. A worn tyre will increase the car's rolling distance, and therefore increase energy consumption and decrease your range.


Finding the best EV tyres for your electric vehicle

To ensure that the tyres you choose are suitable for your electric car, you need to find out which characters are on the sidewall of your current tyres. Any new tyre must match these specifications, as no other tyre will fit your car correctly. If you use the wrong tyre, you will have a considerable loss in performance and range, and may even be at risk of a puncture or blowout.

It is even more important than the weight index remains the same, due to the heaviness of EV batteries. If your new tyre can’t carry the heavy weight load, your performance and range will drop drastically.


Fitting EV tyres to your electric vehicle

Make sure to bring your car to National Tyres and Autocare to ensure the best fitting of tyres for your EV. It is crucial to ensure tyres are fitted properly to your car, otherwise, air may escape if not sealed correctly. This can lead to the tyre deflating, which in turn will decrease the efficiency and range of your electric car.


Frequently Asked Questions about EV Tyres

Whilst normal car tyres do fit some EVs, they are unsuitable. EV tyres are designed to carry a heavier weight, and therefore will perform better when used on an electric vehicle. EV tyres will provide more grip and durability than a standard tyre, and will also help you get the maximum range from your battery.

Currently, there is no data to suggest that EV tyres wear quicker than normal tyres when both are used in the correct conditions. Tyres will wear quicker if not at the correct pressure or if a driving style is aggressive, but they will not degrade faster than a standard car tyre in normal circumstances.

The weight of a battery in an electric car tends to be heavier than an engine in a petrol or diesel car. Therefore, EVs need specific tyres to help cope with the extra weight load. Standard car tyres would wear much quicker on an EV, due to them not being designed for the additional weight.

For the best performance of your electric vehicle, all tyres should be the same. Having a matching tread pattern across all tyres will help maximise performance, grip and efficiency. It could also lead to uneven wear if the tyres are from different brands. However, the rubber compound will be similar across all EV tyres, which should reduce the amount of uneven wear, should the tyres be a mix of brands. We recommend having the same brand and model on every tyre on the vehicle if possible. If not, it is important to match the tyres on each axle, so the front two tyres should be the same and the two rear tyres must match as well, preventing any uneven grip.

You could put EV tyres on a regular car. However, there would be no benefits in comparison to regular tyres. EV tyres may be more expensive than normal tyres for your vehicle, and with no advantages over regular tyres.

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