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At National Tyres and Autocare, we offer a huge range of Jaguar online, with a choice of big brand names or budget tyre brands, all with different performance characteristics; whether it's an economical tyre for your family car, low mileage for executive motoring or performance tyres for high speed driving, National has the tyres for you.

Jaguar Tyres

Jaguar - the ultimate status symbol, if there was ever one. Honestly, we think there are very few symbols (logos, if you will) that conjure up a definitive image of power, prestige, perfection and precision as the Jaguar in all its wild glory, suspended mid-air.

The racing history of the brand of course adds further to its appeal. Owning a Jaguar is no comes with a huge responsibility- that of maintenance. And when you seek replacement Jaguar tyres, you had better make sure that they are not just the right tyres, but also the best tyres for your ‘Jag’.

National Tyres & Autocare offers a wide inventory of Jaguar tyres- ultra premium high-performance tyres from the world’s leading manufacturers. Whether you are looking for original equipment tyres or you want to experiment with new brands, you will find them here. With guidance from our tyre experts, if you so desire.

The Jaguar X Type, known to deliver precision handling and a super exhilarating drive experience is factory fitted with the Continental ContiSportContact tyres. Other Jaguar tyres recommended for the X Type are the Pirelli PZero tyres and the Avon ZZ3 tyres, both best sellers in the UHP tyre category.

Jaguar winter tyres

Winter tyres should be used on a Jaguar when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius. The rubber compound helps maintain high levels of grip in cold conditions, whilst unique tread patterns prevent the tyre from being clogged by snow and ice. Winter tyres will therefore allow you to get the maximum performance from your Jaguar over the winter months.

What brand of tyres does Jaguar use?

When brand new, Jaguars tend to be fitted with Michelin tyres. Michelin is a premium tyre manufacturer and therefore will help get the maximum performance out of a new Jaguar car. This allows for better grip, whilst also offering great durability, meaning they won’t need to be replaced soon after buying the car.

What size tyres are on a Jaguar?

You can easily find your Jaguar’s tyre size by checking the car manual, or by entering your registration number at the top of this page.

Alternatively, you can find the tyre size on your current tyre’s sidewall. You should see characters in a similar format to 215 50 R17 96W. This specifies the tyre width, profile, wheel size and speed rating respectively. Any new tyres you buy for your Jaguar must match the current specification, otherwise, they will not fit.

Do Jaguar tyres need replacing regularly?

Tyres should be replaced when tread depth drops below 3mm, in order to maintain high levels of performance and fuel efficiency. Tyres on any vehicle must be replaced before dropping below 1.6mm in tread depth, as this is the legal limit.

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