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What is an O2 sensor?

An oxygen sensor, or lambda sensor, is a device that measures the ratio of oxygen to fuel. This helps the engine run as efficiently as possible.

Where is the O2 sensor located?

The O2 sensors can be found within the exhaust system.

O2 sensor

Why is it important?

The O2 sensor informs a car's ECU (electronic control unit) how much oxygen is in the combustion produced by the car.

Carbon and other residues can build up on the sensor over time, especially if the car is used frequently.

This can lead to inaccurate readings, reducing engine performance and disrupting other aspects of the vehicle.

Here at National, we can carry out an O2 sensor clean for just £35.00 to help your vehicle perform to its full efficiency. A fully functional O2 sensor will lower fuel consumption and reduce the pollutants emitted from a vehicle's engine, which is tested on an annual MOT inspection.


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