Keeping your brakes in good working condition is crucial for the safety of you, your passengers and your vehicle. Our exclusive Brakes4Life scheme is designed to help you do just that, while saving money at the same time.

How does the Brakes4Life scheme work?

Simply buy one set of brake pads or shoes at a National Tyres and Autocare or a Halfords garage and you'll never have to pay to replace them again. We’ll supply and fit all future brake pads or shoes free of charge, whenever you need them.

How do I join the Brakes4Life scheme?

Start by booking a Free Brake Check, where one of our experienced technicians will inspect the condition of your brakes. If replacement brake pads and/or shoes are required, you’ll be offered the chance to join the Brakes4Life scheme alongside purchasing your first set.

From that point onwards, we’ll supply and fit your brake pads and shoes for free whenever you need them. While you don’t need to take your car for a yearly service or specific check to remain covered by the Brakes4Life scheme, we do recommend that you keep it in good condition.

Book a FREE Brake Check  

What happens if I change my car?

Brakes4Life is transferable to all future cars you may own. If you change your car, simply visit your local National Tyres and Autcare or a Halfords garage within 30 days for a Free Brake Check and we’ll transfer the lifetime replacement across.

If you sell your car to a new owner, you can also choose to transfer your Brakes4Life lifetime replacement along with the car.

Please note that terms and conditions apply when transferring your Brakes4Life lifetime replacement to another car. For full details, see below.

Do you use quality replacement parts?

Yes. For added peace of mind, all the brake parts we use are equivalent to the original specification of the vehicle manufacturer and fitted by experienced technicians.

Terms and Conditions of your personal lifetime brake replacement

Our BRAKES4LIFE lifetime replacement really does last for as long as you own a car.

  • You pay for your first set of pads or shoes.
  • If you change your car, simply bring in your new car to register for the lifetime replacement, or transfer your lifetime replacement with the car to the new owner.
  • We will supply and fit your next set of brake pads or shoes when you need them, free of charge.
  • You do not need a yearly service or check to maintain your lifetime replacement, although we recommend that you keep your car in good condition.

Keeping your brakes in good condition is crucial to the safety of your vehicle and the safety of you and your passengers. We have introduced a personal lifetime brake replacement to encourage you to keep your brakes in good condition.

We offer free brake pads or shoes after you've bought your first set, for your car, and for any car you buy in the future. All we ask is that you repair or replace any other brake parts when necessary and tell us when you change your car.

All the brake parts we use match the original specification, and they are fitted by our skilled technicians. The lifetime replacement is designed to give you peace of mind for life and is only available from National Tyres and Autcare and Halfords Autocentres.

  • Personal lifetime brake replacement is available on all types of car and 4x4 vehicles (not vans or commercial vehicles).
  • You should buy the first set of brake pads or shoes from a National Tyres and Autcare branch or a Halfords Autocentre at retail price (including any discount that may be available at the time). This will start your lifetime replacement offer.
  • You must carry out all other brake repairs (to brake discs, drums, cables and hydraulics) found during an inspection or service within 10 days to continue to claim the free replacement.
  • We must carry out all brake pad or shoe repairs if you want to take advantage of the lifetime replacement.
  • We will replace brake pads or shoes when they get to the minimum acceptable level as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • You must bring with you your initial invoice and details of any other brake repairs carried out if you want free brake pads or shoe repairs under the lifetime replacement.
  • If you want to transfer your lifetime replacement to a new car, you must bring your new car in for a vehicle safety check within 30 days of buying it (please bring your V5 registration or bill of sale to show the date you bought the car and the change of ownership). At this point, you will get a comprehensive report on the condition of your brakes.
  • If your vehicle safety check is not carried out within 30 days of a change of ownership or if repairs are not carried out within 10 days of the vehicle safety check you will no longer be able to claim a free replacement.
  • If you want to transfer your free replacement to the new owner of your car, the new owner must come into a National Tyres and Autcare branch or a Halfords Autocentre for a vehicle safety check within 30 days of buying the car. They must show us the V5 registration or bill of sale showing the date of change so we can update who the registered keeper of the vehicle is.
  • You must carry out any other work needed to make sure the brakes work properly if you want to continue to claim a free replacement.
  • The lifetime replacement does not cover:
  • wear indicator sensors or wires; or
  • pads or shoes for ceramic brakes.
  • The lifetime replacement is not available for vehicles owned or leased by a company or driving school, or contract hire or rental vehicles (including taxis) and vehicles used for commercial purposes, track days or competitive sports.
  • The free replacement pads only apply to the front or rear set that were originally changed. If both sets were changed it applies to both sets.
  • The lifetime replacement is covered by a fair-use policy and may be withdrawn if there is regular, excessive wear, or you regularly bring in many different vehicles.
  • If there is a dispute, the decision of the directors of National Tyres and Autcare and Halfords Autocentres is final.
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