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No Nonsense Tyre Warranty

We're so confident in the quality of the tyres we sell that we're prepared to offer an extended Tyre Warranty. At just £7.99 per tyre, our extended tyre warranty provides you with complete peace of mind.

To order your Tyre Warranty, simply add the quantity in your shopping basket when you place your tyre order.

If your car tyre sustains damage to the tread or sidewall during the legal lifetime of the tyre, ie up to 1.6mm remaining tread depth, which cannot be repaired by National to British Standard BSAU/159, the tyre will be replaced with a new tyre at the prevailing price (inclusive of VAT) minus a discount based on the tread depth remaining on the damaged tyre. In addition, any tyre replaced will be re-valved and re-balanced free of charge.

Remaining tread depth Discount
7mm and above 100%
6mm 80%
5mm 60%
4mm 40%
3mm 25%
2mm 5%
1.6mm Nil

Any punctures sustained during the legal lifetime of the tyre (i.e. upto 1.6mm remaining tread depth) will be repaired where possible to British Standard BSAU/159 free of charge. A new tubeless valve will be fitted if necessary and the wheel will be re-balanced as required at no cost to you. Punctures which are not repairable will be given a discount on a new tyre based on the table above.

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