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A DPF is a filter fitted to most modern diesel cars to capture exhaust fumes to prevent them from being pumped into the atmosphere.


How do DPF’s work?

Gasses from a car’s engine will pass through the DPF filter causing it to clog up with soot. As the temperature of the exhaust rises, the residue caught in the filter turns to ash and is expelled. This is known as ‘regeneration’ and can only happen when the car is driven at speeds of over 40mph.

If the car is driven at lower speeds and for shorter journeys, the ‘regeneration’ process doesn’t have time to complete and can cause problems with the DPF.

How do I identify a problem with my DPF?

Typically an issue with the DPF is indicated when a signal is sent to the car’s ECU (engine control unit) illuminating the warning light on the dashboard. When this occurs, you can take the car for a long journey at speeds greater than 40mph to regenerate the DPF and clear any blockages.

If the warning light doesn’t go out, a DPF flush may be required.

What is a DPF flush?

Here at National, our skilled technicians will carry out a DPF flush for just £85.00. A flush is needed when a DPF is blocked and regeneration has not cleared it. Usually, you will notice a loss of power and it will start to affect fuel economy.

The service is just £85.00 and can be booked online today. 

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