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Save money your next MOT with National by signing up for our free MOT reminder service.

There are three simple steps:

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    2. Receive a reminder in advance
    3. Enjoy complete peace of mind.

Get an MOT reminder for money off your MOT

Never forget your MOT again with National’s free MOT due date reminder service. Every vehicle needs to have an in-date MOT certificate in order to be road legal and finding out that yours is about to expire can be a major headache.

That’s where our MOT reminder service comes in. With it, you input your details, and we’ll get in touch when your MOT is about to expire. Then you can book your MOT.

Sign up for a free reminder above. If you have any questions, message us via the live chat widget, contact us online, or give us a call. For more information view our range of expert guides.

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Do you get a reminder for your MOT?

With MOTs being such an important part of your car maintenance, you may be wondering whether the DVLA sends out MOT reminders.

Sadly, you will not automatically get an MOT reminder from the DVLA. However, you can sign up for the government’s MOT reminder service.

That said, you won’t receive any discount on your MOT if you opt for this service – as opposed to National’s free service – so if you want to reduce your maintenance costs, ours is the common-sense option.

Do you get a reminder for your first MOT?

If you have a new vehicle and its initial three MOT-free years expire, you will not receive an automatic reminder from the government. That’s why it’s always a good idea to sign up to our MOT due date reminder tool when you purchase a brand-new or nearly new car. It’ll save you hassle in three years’ time.

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Why choose National for your MOT reminder?

An MOT certificate is the difference between automotive freedom and having your vehicle stuck on your driveway. That’s why we developed our MOT reminder service.

It safely and securely stores your contact details, links them to your vehicle registration information, and then when our system identifies your MOT is about to expire, lets you know via email with plenty of time to spare.

Our current MOT price is just £39.99. If you sign up for our MOT reminder, we'll remind you when your MOT is due and advise you of the best price available at the time. If you care about lowering the costs of your motoring, it’s a simple way to save.

Our MOT reminder is just one of the ways we’ve been helping out drivers since 1970. Across our 100-strong MOT testing centres (part of our garage network of over 340 sites), our experienced and expertly trained MOT testers perform over ten thousand MOT tests a year.

There are thousands of appointment slots typically available at any period, so you’re almost certain to get your test at a time that suits you.

They go the extra mile to make sure your car is thoroughly checked over, and if repairs are needed, they will be conducted with professional skill – perfect if you want to avoid workshop cowboys.

We think every driver deserves to be able to control the cost of their motoring. If your total bill comes to over £200, you will qualify for National Payment Assist and can spread out your payments over four months. That’s with no fees, and zero interest.

Book an MOT today for only £39.99

Our current MOT price is just £39.99. If you sign up for our MOT reminder, we'll remind you when your MOT is due and advise you of the best price available at the time.

Sign up for your MOT reminder at the top of the page today, and if you have any questions, however small, contact us online or on live chat, or give us a call. To learn more about MOTs, check out our information hub.

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