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Get all the MOT info you need to become an expert on this important aspect of motoring maintenance with National Tyres and Autocare’s range of helpful and informative guides.

Written by our experts, the MOT information articles linked from this page will take you through a wide range of important topics surrounding MOTs. With them, you can become an authority on your vehicle’s MOT – saving time, money, and effort over the long run.

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MOT checklist

Learn what you should check before you take your car for its MOT, letting you get any issues fixed beforehand.

mot checklist

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How much does an MOT cost?

Explore the costs involved with MOTs to reduce your expenses, including how they are priced across the country and National’s rates.

how much does an mot cost?

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What happens if my vehicle fails?

Understand what will happen to your vehicle if it fails its MOT and what you can do to solve the situation.

what happens fail mot?

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What does MOT mean?

Find out more about what MOT specifically means and the history of this truly important automotive assessment.

what does mot mean?

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Can you drive a car with no MOT?

Discover whether you can drive a car with no MOT, the situation you can drive one in, and what will happen if you ignore the law.

driving without an mot?

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New MOT testing standards

MOT testing standards sometimes change in line with new regulations and laws. Our experts explain all the new updates here.

new MOT testing

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How to check the MOT history of a car

Buying a new car and want to make sure it doesn’t have any concerning gaps in its MOT history? Learn how to check in this guide.

mot history

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Your guide to the MOT COVID extension

The government introduced a short-term MOT extension period when the pandemic hit. Learn how that affects your MOT here.

MOT COVID extension

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Book an MOT

Book your next MOT with National and get all your frequently asked questions regarding MOT bookings answered.

Book an MOT

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When is my MOT due?

Use our fast, free tool to find out when your MOT is next due. Just input your registration and find out today.

MOT due date

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MOT retest

If your car fails its MOT, it will need a retest. View this page to find out what this means and how National provides retests.

MOT Retest

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MOT reminder

Get a discount on your MOT with National’s 100% free MOT reminder service. It’s simple to use, reducing costs and worry.

MOT Reminder Service

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MOT and Service

Learn why you should combine your MOT with your car’s six-month or yearly service with National’s MOT and service packages.

MOT and Service

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Choose National for your next MOT

As the nation’s trusted MOT experts, choose us for your vehicle’s next MOT. If you have any questions, contact us online, via live chat, or call us today.

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We now offer a free MOT Reminder Service to take the hassle out of remembering your MOT and to avoid any last minute panics. Sign up for FREE at and we'll email you a month before your MOT is due to expire.

* Not all MOT ramps can accommodate a Motorhome, please check before travelling

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