This winter check should not be booked in place of a regular Interim, Full or Major Service

Winter Preparation Service

• 15 point premium winter check bundle
• Antifreeze change and Duxback treatment
• Tyre, battery, wiper blade checks and more included

What's Included?

Prepare your car for winter this year with our premium winter bundle, including antifreeze change (worth £39.99) plus revolutionary Duxback windscreen treatment (worth £25.00).

We will check:

  • Exterior light bulb check
  • Wiper blade condition check
  • Battery health check
  • Windscreen chip check
  • MOT due date plus reminder
  • Tyre depth check
  • Tyre inflation check plus top-up
  • Oil level check
  • Screen wash top-up
  • Ad blue and coolant level check
  • Antifreeze change (worth £39.99)
  • Duxback windscreen treatment (worth £25.00)
  • Check starter motor and chargin system
  • Check Ancillary drive belts
  • Air con temperature check

Does the Winter Preparation Bundle include a top up of my levels?

Yes, we will change your antifreeze and top up your screen wash. The Winter Preparation Bundle also includes an engine oil check. If a top up is recommended, an additional charge may apply - your local autocentre will be able to confirm this for you.

Are Repairs included in the price?

No, the Winter Preparation Bundle includes a safety check of the vehicle only, ensuring it is safe and prepared for winter weather. If, as part of the checks, further work is recommended, we will always advise you before any work is carried out.

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