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Continental Tyres

Continental’s leading premium tyres are renowned throughout the world for their unrivalled grip and performance, particularly in wet weather conditions. That’s why they’re so popular with UK drivers, and the reason nearly one in three cars that roll off the factory floor in Europe have Continental Original Equipment tyres fitted to them – more than any other tyre manufacturer.

But it’s not just drivers and major car manufacturers that regard Continental tyres so highly. Year after year, the company regularly wins top awards from independent tyre tests.

2018 saw an unprecedented treble achieved when Continental won all three Auto Express Tyre Test Awards in the summer, winter, and all-season tyre categories with their PremiumContact™ 6, WinterContact™ TS 860 and AllSeasonContact™ respectively.

Further recognition of Continental’s unrivalled offering has followed from the UK’s biggest-selling weekly car magazine, with Auto Express also bestowing their 2019 Product of the Year award to the company.

It should come as no surprise since Continental tyres provide the perfect balance of performance, safety, and handling characteristics for all driving and weather conditions, off-road and on, as well as a range of extended mobility and rolling resistance solutions that make every journey on a set of their tyres a genuine driving pleasure.

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Why choose Continental tyres?

Continental are a premium tyre brand, and therefore offers more performance than budget and mid-range tyres. Continental are a leading tyre manufacturer and has won multiple awards. They create tyres for cars, vans and 4x4s, and all of their tyres offer maximum performance for each vehicle.

Continental run-flat tyres

Run-flat tyres are designed with reinforced tyre sidewalls, allowing for the car to drive a short distance in the event of a puncture. This safety feature will help you safely get to the garage in order to have your tyre repaired or replaced. Continental offer run-flat tyres, with the PremiumContact 6 winning an award for the best summer tyre.

Run-flats are a great option to help you continue driving for s short period of time when your tyre deflates, and are a great safety feature to prevent you from being stranded.

Continental all-season tyres

Continental offer a wide range of all-season tyres, which are designed to offer safe driving, no matter the temperature or weather. The ContiEcoContact 6 offer excellent levels of grip in all weather conditions. They also have great rolling resistance and superb traction to lower stopping distances.

Continental winter tyres

Continental offer a wide range of winter tyres, as seen below. Winter tyres have a unique tread pattern to prevent snow and ice from clogging up the tyre, and therefore offer enhanced levels of grip in cold conditions. The Winter Contact TS870 is an award-winning tyre, offering extreme levels of traction and rolling resistance in cold tricky conditions.

Which Continental tyres are best for your vehicle?

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