Wiper Blades

In the UK, hardly a day goes by when you don't need to use your wipers. They're crucial for good visibility and there's nothing more irritating than a smeared windscreen … or the dreaded screech of a faulty wiper. For safety reasons, they are also part of an MOT test.

Valeo have vast experience and a wide range to cover all needs, and supply two ranges of wiper – Silencio and HydroConnect.

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Valeo Silencio™ the original

VALEO, THE N°1 Wiper systems original equipment manufacturer, offers the aftermarket a full range of premium wiper blades to address different needs.

Valeo Silencio™, the Original for customers looking for the exact same blade as the original conventional, hybrid, flat and rear wiper blades.

  • Worldwide N°1 in Wiping Systems.
  • Perfect fit with the Original Technology.
  • A premium brand for 100% customer satisfaction (no quality issues).
  • Offer the Original quality, thanks to a European production in O.E. factories (Made in Europe).
  • Choose Valeo Silencio™ to cover all vehicles entering your workshop (98% of European vehicles covered).
Valeo Wiper Blades
Valeo Silencio™ Conventional range

Valeo Silencio™ Conventional range

  • 100% metal construction and the high quality rubber
  • Wear indicator
  • Specialized solutions (additional spoiler, curved shape or spray nozzle)

Covers all O.E. specifications available on the market

Valeo Silencio™ Hybrid blade

Valeo Silencio™ Hybrid blade

  • O.E.design
  • Special external spoiler increasing pressure on the glass
  • Short 10-length range is compatible with 9 million cars in Europe (mainly asian car manufacturers)

Covers all O.E. specifications available on the market

Valeo Silencio™ Flat blades

Valeo Silencio™ Flat Blades

  • The best VALEO wipers
  • Ensure perfect initial wiping quality
  • Improved wiping efficiency over time thanks to the brand new VisioRubber™

Valeo Silencio™ AquaBlade™

Valeo Silencio™ AquaBlade™

As a wiper specialist, Valeo brings to the Aftermarket its latest O.E. technology, Valeo Silencio™ AquaBlade™ ® innovative technology enabling to distribute hot washer fluid across windshield (PACE Award 2012).

  • 82% of drivers think AquaBlade™ is THE SAFEST SYSTEM*
  • 70% of drivers think AquaBlade™ could PREVENT ACCIDENTS*

*Source: Fraunhofer Institute IOSB study on 200 drivers.

Valeo Silencio™ rear blades

Valeo Silencio™ rear blades

Improve safety by also replacing the rear blade!

Provide the driver with perfect visibility at the rear of their vehicle.

Valeo HydroConnect Wiping Systems for Passenger car

HydroConnect, Source of performance

Wiping premium quality. Versatile construction and replaceable adapters make it possible to use in any car model and even replace the conventional wiper with a modern fiat solution. Products are individually packaged for easy selection.

HydroConnect™ is the new premium range, 100% Flat Blade dedicated to the Aftermarket.


  • 3 adapters included to cover 96% european car park (matching up to 12 types of arms).
  • lnnovative multiconnection technology (adapters) also in rear wipers.
Valeo Hydroconnect Multiconnection


  • The newest range in the VALEO company's portfolio.
  • +30% increased clamping force over conventional construction thanks to asymmetrical spoiler.
  • Great substitute for conventional wipers.
Valeo Hydroconnect upgrade

Plug & Drive


Simply plug the adaptor A or B or C on to the blade, fit to the arm and you are ready for a safe drive.

Aero Perf


The asymmetrical spoiler ensures perfect and uniform visibility thanks to even pressure across the windshield.

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

The high-tech protective rubber coating ensures long lasting resistance and performance for perfect rear screen visibility

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