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Avon Tyres

A market leader, Avon is described as the choice of champions; holding preeminent positions in Formula 3000 and The Formula Ford Championship and winning various awards for services to motorsport.

Avon is not only famous for its success on the tracks but also for its high-quality car tyres, van tyres and 4x4 tyres which National are proud to offer to customers online and in all of our branches nationwide.

A quality lower premium tyre brand, Avon tyres can be relied on to perform in the toughest conditions which can be attributed to Avon's years of experience in tyre manufacturing, investment in R&D and ongoing tyre tests to continually raise the bar in providing the highest quality tyres.

Why choose Avon Tyres?

Avon tyres offer excellent performance at a great price point. They sell a wide variety of mid-range tyres to suit any vehicle needs, including cars, vans and 4x4s. Avon design a wide range of tyres for all conditions, including summer, winter and all-season tyres. If you’re looking for a mid-range tyre that provides superb performance, Avon has plenty to choose from.

Avon all-season tyres

Avon has designed a wide variety of tyres that can be used all year round, no matter the weather. One of their best-selling tyres is the Avon ZV7, which offers excellent grip and rolling resistance in wet and dry conditions. To view all of Avon’s all-season tyres and read their reviews, click the button below.

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Avon winter tyres

If you’re looking for winter tyres for your car or van, Avon has a great selection, including the WV7 Snow. This tyre will ensure maximum grip in the snow, thanks to its unique tread pattern. This ensures that the grooves don’t become blocked with snow and ice, allowing for fantastic traction and reduced braking distance. To view Avon’s other winter tyres, scroll to the winter tyres section of this page.

Avon extra load tyres

Avon also designs many extra load tyres, designed to carry a heavier weight than a standard tyre. This makes them ideal for vans, SUVs and cars carrying heavy equipment. A great heavy-load Avon tyre is the AS7. Heavy low tyres provide excellent grip and traction, despite carrying a heavier weight, and therefore they won’t wear quickly.

Is Avon a good tyre brand?

Avon is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-performing tyre without paying premium prices. Made in the UK, Avon creates a wide range of tyre sizes, so there will be plenty of options for your vehicle. Simply enter your registration at the top of this page to see what tyres we have available.

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