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Avon Tyres

A market leader, Avon is described as the choice of champions; holding preeminent positions in Formula 3000 and The Formula Ford Championship and winning various awards for services to motorsport.

Avon is not only famous for its success on the tracks but also for its high quality car tyres, van tyres and 4x4 tyres which National are proud to offer to customers online and in all of our branches nationwide.

A quality lower premium tyre brand, Avon tyres can be relied on to perform in the toughest conditions which can be attributed to Avon's years of experience in tyre manufacturing, investment in R&D and on-going tyre tests to continually raise the bar in providing the highest quality tyres.

We have reviews for the following patterns;

Avon ZV5 (947)
Avon AV11 (330)
Avon ZZ5 XL (276)
Avon ZV5 XL (216)
Avon ZV3 (190)
Avon ZV7 (150)
Avon ZZ3 (140)
Avon ZV7 XL (110)
ZT5 Tyres (108)
Avon ZT5 XL (62)
Avon ZX7 (60)
Avon Ranger HTT (30)
Avon Ranger 65 (24)
Avon ZX7 XL (23)
Avon Ranger 70 (21)
Avon Ice Touring (16)
Avon ZZ5 (16)
Avon AV10 XL (12)
Avon Ranger AT (10)
Avon Ranger TSE (10)
Avon Ranger ATT (9)
Avon ZZ3 XL (9)
Avon Avanza AV4 (7)
Avon CR322 (6)
Avon CR 25 (6)
Avon Ranger 55 (5)
Avon ZZR (5)
Avon Ranger 60 (4)
Avon Ice Touring XL (4)
Avon CR11B (3)
Avon Avanza AV10 (2)
Avon Ranger (2)
Avon Ranger ATT XL (2)
Avon Turbospeed CR228-D (2)
Avon Ranger HTT XL (2)
Avon Ranger TSE XL (2)
Wanli S1063 (1)
Wanli S1088 (1)
Avon Sport Ranger (1)
Avon Ranger ICE (1)
Avon Zeon 4XS (1)
Avon AV9 Van Tyres (1)
Avon CR27 Turbospeed (1)

Avon AV11

The Avon AV11 tyres are suited specifically for vans. The Avon AV11 tyre ensures a smooth and comfortable driving experience, no matter the road conditions. By offering a perfect blend of high performance and safety, you can be assured the Avon AV11 tyres are excellent value for money.

Reduced noise levels: The Avon AV11 tyres offer excellent comfort levels due to minimised noise levels when driving. Tyre noise has been dramatically reduced to ensure a relaxing and quiet drive.
Superior handling characteristics: Due to the superior grip levels of the Avon AV11 tyres, handling has been significantly improved. As well as the excellent handling characteristics, braking distances have been reduced to ensure maximum levels of safety.
Increased protection: The Avon AV11 tyre ensures added protection against tyre damage through a strong and robust tyre formation. The robust sidewall decreases the risk of damaging the tyre on kerbs.
Maximum levels of control: In both wet and dry driving conditions, you can be assured of maximum levels of safety and control. In wet conditions, the risk of aquaplaning is greatly reduced, greatly minimising the risk of losing control in difficult conditions.


Avon ZT5 XL

Avon ZT5 XL Tyres – Safety and Performance Guaranteed at High Loads

The Avon ZT5 XL tyres are part of the Avon car tyre range and suited specifically for heavier cars. Small to medium passenger cars that have a heavier construction or which are designed to support heavier loads are recommended to be fitted with XL tyres.

Fitting non-XL tyres on cars that have specific XL recommendation can have negative insurance implications.

The Avon ZT5 XL tyres offer leading performance on various crucial tyre parameters such as handling and steering responsiveness, traction, noise levels and safety. In fact, the Avon ZT5 XL tyres borrow many aspects of design and technology from the popular Avon ZT5 tyres, which are the corresponding standard load (SL) tyres.

The Advantage of Using Avon ZT5 XL Tyres

If your regular day to day use of the car involves carrying higher loads than specified by the manufacturer, it is a good idea to switch to XL tyres for ensuring safety. The advantage of switching to Avon ZT5 XL tyres is that they offer increased load bearing capacity at the same size (as the standard tyre) due to reinforced sidewall construction. So you get extra load capacity on your tyres without costly upgrading of the alloys.

Avon ZT5 XL Tyres Tread Design

The tyre tread maintains contact with the road surface. So the tread characteristics and patterns dictate much of the tyre’s performance. The Avon ZT5 XL tyres incorporate a modern tread pattern best suited for everyday on-road driving. The tread pattern affects the following tyre characteristics:

  • Wet Performance

The tread design incorporates 3 wide grooves along the circumference of the tyres and exhibits an open inner shoulder design. These two factors combine together to offer exceptional deflection of water from the under tread area, greatly reducing the risk of losing control on wet surface.

  • Handling and Steering Responsiveness

Because of the XL construction, the sidewall of the Avon ZT5 XL tyres is reinforced with polyamide compound. This makes the tyres firmer and offers improved handling characteristics and steering responsiveness. You are assured of maximum stability at all speeds and all load conditions.

  • Grip

The Avon ZT5 XL tyre tread pattern offers maximum grip on wet as well as dry surface.

  • Noise Levels

The Avon ZT5 tread pattern is optimised through Avon’s Optinoise software. As the name indicates, the Optinoise software seeks to keep the noise at optimal (minimal) levels by optimising the pattern to minimise external noise.

Features and Benefits of Avon ZT5 XL Tyres

  • You have complete control of the car at all times due to superior handling characteristics. This is an important factor, particularly while driving heavy loads.
  • Offers maximum stability at high loads and speeds.
  • Maximises safety due to exceptional grip and superior wet performance.


Avon ZV7

The Avon ZV7 tyres are high performance summer tyres associated with comfortable driving, improved safety and increased protection.  These tyres are specifically designed for passenger cars.

Reduced noise levels: Sequenced tread blocks help minimise tyre and external noise levels.  You can be assured of a comfortable and high quality drive due to the reduction of tyre noise.
Minimised skid risk: The tyres consist of large circumferential grooves that allow water to disperse efficiently and quickly when driving on wet surfaces.  This reduces the risk of aquaplaning, ensuring you feel safe and comfortable when driving in difficult conditions.
High mileage characteristics: These tyres have an exceptional wear resistance rate. Due to this, you can be assured of an excellent price-to-performance ratio.  The low rolling resistance of these tyres also provides better fuel economy. Your safety has been increased to ensure your maximum comfort when driving.
Improved steering and braking responsiveness: The tyre tread pattern combined with the sipes enable a better grip on both dry and wet surfaces. The traction has been increased between the surface of the road and rubber compound of the tyre. This will ensure a stable and smooth drive in all conditions.



Avon ZV7 XL


Avon ZX7

The Avon ZX7 tyres are quality tyres suited for sport utility vehicles. The Avon ZX7 tyres offer excellent performance across all areas, allowing for the perfect combination between ultra-high performance and fantastic levels of safety.

Outstanding steering responsiveness: The grip levels of the Avon ZX7 tyres contribute to excellent handling capabilities. Due to this, you can be confident of maximum control and stability when driving in a variety of weather conditions.
Reduced risk of aquaplaning: The Avon ZX7 tyres features large grooves within the tyre tread. These circumferential grooves effectively remove surface water from the contact patch to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Due to this important safety feature, you can feel comfortable driving in difficult wet conditions.
Minimised tyre noise: Comfort levels have been drastically increased due to a reduction in tyre noise levels. Due to the innovative tread design, this reduction in tyre noise heightens your level of comfort to ensure a smooth and comfortable driving experience.
Optimised rolling resistance: The Avon ZX7 tyres are an excellent value for money proposition due to reduced rolling resistance. This optimised rolling resistance results in an improved fuel economy. This ensures you get value for money due to the capability to drive for longer.


Avon ZX7 XL


Avon ZZ5

The Avon ZZ5 tyres are premium high performance tyres suitable for passenger cars. The tyres are associated with an ultra-high performance, great grip in both dry and wet conditions and also excellent steering responsiveness.

Enhanced steering responsiveness: These tyres are performance-focused tyres suitable for high end sports cars. The asymmetric tread design contributes significantly towards offering excellent grip which helps ensure superior handling. These tyres offer fantastic steering response to enable a stable and effective driving experience.
Minimised noise levels: To ensure maximum comfort when driving, these tyres aim to offer high performance at a reduced rate of decibels. You can be confident of an improved driving experience due to the reduced tyre noise.
Reduced stopping distances: Within the asymmetric tread design, the inner shoulders are optimised to increase contact pressure. Along with the central tread, where the continuous circumferential grooves efficiently displace water, this design reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Overall, braking distances are reduced to ensure your safety when driving in wet conditions.


Avon ZZ5 XL


ZT5 Tyres

The Avon ZT5 tyres are premium tyres developed specifically for family cars. The tyres offer high levels of performance in areas such as grip, handling and steering responsiveness and wet weather performance.

Exceptional wet weather performance: The tyre tread pattern incorporates three wide circumferential grooves and the inner tyre shoulders have an open design. These two factors combine to produce optimal wet weather performance. The circumferential grooves effectively deflect water accumulated on the surface towards the tyre shoulders. The tyre shoulders ensure that the water is effectively pushed away to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.
Extended wear resistance: Long term performance is ensured due to asymmetric tread design of the tyres. This has been implemented to not only improve driver safety in terms of enhanced grip, but also to offer an excellent value for money proposition due to the increased mileage capabilities.
Improved handling characteristics: The tyres offer exceptional grip in both wet and dry conditions. This increases your safety when driving as well as improving the responsiveness of your steering. Due to the enhanced grip levels, aspects such as cornering become much smoother and more stable irrespective of you speed you are driving at.
Reduced noise levels: Due to the incorporation of Avon’s proprietary noise reduction technology, noise levels are reduced significantly when driving. This ensures an improved and positive experience when driving.


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