Servicing Pricing

  • Servicing pricing will depend on which car service you select; whether that be a major service, a full service or an interim service.
  • Can be included in our Payment Assist option to help spread the cost over four months
  • Service prices start from:
Car Service Type 0cc-1499cc 1500cc-2499cc Over 2499cc
Interim Service £149.99 £169.99 £209.99
Interim Service and MOT £179.99 £199.99 £239.99
Full Service £209.99 £249.99 £289.99
Full Service and MOT £234.99 £274.99 £314.99
Major Service £259.99 £279.99 £319.99
Major Service and MOT £279.99 £299.99 £339.99

service price


Frequently asked questions 


Q. Which car service is the cheapest?

The Interim Service will be the cheapest car service that we are able to offer at any of our National Tyres and Autocare branches. Alternatively, an Oil & filter change is perfect for any drivers who are wanting that peace of mind to ensure that their car is safe to drive. However, if you choose either an Interim Service or a Full Service, you will be able to get a discounted MOT, saving you money in the long run. Please click the button at the top of this page to book a car service.


Q. How much is car servicing?

If you are looking to service your car, at National Tyres and Autocare, we offer a number of car services that will fit your needs. If you are taking your vehicle for a long drive and have reached the halfway point between your MOT, we would recommend an Interim Service. The price of an Interim Service is from £149.99 and this depends on your engine size. If you are looking for a full comprehensive inspection of your vehicle, where we partake in a vehicle health service check, this is available from £209.99. Our most comprehensive service which we recommend is carried our bi-annually is a Major Service, this includes all the points covered in a full service. In addition, we will change any parts recommended for a replacement every two years including a brake fluid change and a cabin filter replacement, prices start from £259.99.  Remember, if you are purchasing tyres, as well as a car service you will be able to take advantage of our Payment Assist plan. This helps spread the cost over four months however this is only available if your overall cost price comes to over £200. Due to this, if you are looking to save money on car servicing, we would recommend investing in some new tyres too (if needed, that is!), to ensure you can take advantage of our Payment Assist offering.

*- Payment Assist is only available on orders over £30. You can take advantage of Payment Assist with car servicing when additional work is also carried out- for example, purchasing tyres which would potentially take the value over £30.


Q. What is the consumables fee and why and when is it charged?

Whilst completing more complex work on customers’ vehicles, we use a range of consumable items to meet the needs of the job. Examples of such consumable items include protective seat and steering wheel covers, maintenance and penetration sprays, greases and lubricants, top-up fluids, rags, degreasers, and gloves.

The £3 consumables fee, which includes VAT, will only apply on bigger jobs like brake and clutch work, steering and suspension tasks, vehicle servicing and timing belt jobs. The consumables fee is waived if the transaction also includes a tyre and a tyre environmental disposal fee.


Q. I never used to see a charge for consumable items. Why are you charging me separately now for these items?

With prices rising for garage consumables, we’ve now updated the way we break down the total job price to highlight the cost of consumable items to customers, whenever the fee applies.


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