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The Fuel Efficiency Pack will help your car's engine run at optimal performance, which can increase your fuel efficiency. This means that your vehicle will get more miles to the gallon, saving you money in the long term with a tank of fuel lasting for more miles.

This treatment is done by a non-invasive procedure, removing harmful carbon deposits from your engine. These deposits build up within your engine and fuel system over time and can cause your miles to the gallon to drop if not treated.

The Fuel Efficiency Pack provides maximum benefits when paired with a service. For the procedure to be fully effective, the fuel pack is applied before draining the engine oil during a service, any contaminates will then drain away with the old oil. To book a service, click the button below.



What is the Fuel Efficiency Pack?

The Fuel Efficiency Pack enhances the engine's capabilities of your vehicle, resulting in better fuel efficiency and lower emissions of harmful substances from the exhaust. Proper upkeep of your car can not only lead to fuel savings but also contribute to reducing your carbon impact on the environment.

What does a Fuel Efficiency Pack offer?

Over time, harmful substances like carbon accumulate in your engine and form deposits, causing blockages in the fuel system and leading to issues such as decreased acceleration, power reduction, and engine problems. All of these can affect fuel efficiency.

Our Fuel Efficiency Pack features a unique, non-invasive cleaning method that removes these deposits from your engine and fuel system. This enhances the way your car uses fuel, making it one of the most effective ways to improve fuel economy.

How does it work?

The Fuel Efficiency Pack operates by using a fuel system cleaner and an oil system cleaner, which are expertly applied by one of our technicians during your service.

The fuel system cleaner works to clean the fuel injection system, optimizing the spray pattern of injectors and maintaining clean valves. This results in reduced wastage of unburnt fuel, improved fuel efficiency, and restored engine power.

The oil system cleaner functions by removing carbon buildup and contaminants that accumulate in the engine over time. Regular oil changes do not remove all the contamination that occurs between service appointments. The oil system cleaner helps to keep new oil cleaner for a longer period, leading to better fuel economy, reduced emissions, and enhanced engine performance.

How much does a fuel efficiency pack cost?

The fuel efficiency pack costs just £30.00 here at National Tyres and Autocare.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will notice the effect of the Fuel Efficiency Pack treatment after a short drive. You should be able to see the benefits of the treatment once driving away from the branch.

Yes, the treatment will work for both fuel types. We have a different type of cleaning fluid depending on your fuel type.

Our technicians apply a fuel system cleaner and oil system cleaner during your service. This cleans both systems and removes any carbon build-up.

This should be used alongside your full annual service, which is either every 12 months or every 12,000 miles. Pairing this treatment with a service will ensure your fuel system is cleaned effectively, allowing for maximum efficiency.

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