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Payment Assist – Spread your payments

Pay a quarter of the total on the day of purchase then pay the remaining balance as three equal monthly payments

Spend between £200 - £1,000 on selected products or services at National Tyres and Autocare, pay just 25% now and spread the balance equally over the following 3 months with interest free payments and no fees. There are no lengthy forms to be completed, so as long as you have a UK-registered debit card with sufficient funds to cover the 25% initial deposit, you can take advantage of the scheme.

Payment Assist is currently available on the following tyre brands when purchasing online: Michelin, Avon, Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Sailun and Autogreen and on any other products or services between £200 - £1,000.

Don't see the tyre brand you're looking for? Ask one of our branches. Payment Assist is now available on ALL tyre brands when you make a purchase directly from ANY National Tyres and Autocare branch. This again is available on any products between £200 - £1,000.

Use our Payment Assist Calculator below to find out exactly what your monthly payments will look like. All you need to do is enter your total bill into the text box and your monthly payments will be populated below. The payments made via Payment Assist are interest free and there are no additional fees attached.

How It Works

You pay a quarter of the bill on your debit card. Three further equal payments will be taken monthly from your debit card.

  • No Interest
  • No Fees
  • Payment one expected at point of purchase
Example Bill
Example Bill
Deposit in-branch 1st March £50 £100
First payment 1st April £50 £100
Second payment 1st May £50 £100
Third payment 1st June £50 £100

Payment Calculator

Click and drag the slider below to adjust the total you are looking for

£2000% APR

Monthly repayment: £50.00/month for  months

Available on your favourite brands:

Also available on any other products or services between £200 - £1,000. Payment Assist is available on ALL tyre brands when you make a purchase directly from ANY National Tyres and Autocare branch.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does Payment Assist accept all payment cards for the deposit?
  • Payment Assist accept all Visa debit cards (97% of the debit cards issued in the UK are Visa debit). Payment Assist accept Mastercard debit cards issued by the mainstream banks. Payment Assist do not accept Pre-Paid debit cards. Payment Assist do not accept banks which don't allow recurring payments to be set up on their debit cards (because this prevents Payment Assist from being able to collect future payments).
  • Can I pay a bigger deposit and spread the balance over 3 months?
  • The deposit is set at 25% of the total amount, but you can contact Payment Assist directly, after you’ve completed your transaction, if you wish to pay an additional amount in order to reduce the remaining payments.
  • Can I run two Payment Assist Plans at the same time?
  • Yes you can.
  • Can I pay my Payment Assist Plan early?
  • Yes, there are no costs involved in paying off early.
  • Can I add more costs to my existing Payment Assist Plan?
  • No, a new one has to be set up, as you will only have signed for the original.
  • Do Payment Assist do a soft credit check for goods under £1,000?
  • No. Payment Assist don’t do a credit check (soft or otherwise), but they do conduct a debit card check (to ensure funds are available for the initial deposit); a Payment Assist system check (to see if there is any adverse history from a previous Payment Assist plan) and an insolvency check (to check whether there are any existing IVA’s in place). None of these are recorded as checks on a customer's credit file, like a soft credit check would be.
  • Can I use Payment Assist for goods over £1,000?
  • Yes, we will just need a credit check completing, which is all done on the system by the customer. Anything under £1,000 does not require a credit check.

    For more information, please speak to your local branch manager.

Payment Assist is the number one service provider of retail finance in the automotive aftermarket.

As a responsible lender, Payment Assist Ltd complies fully with the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 622544 and the Data Protection Act: A8041970.

Any personal information supplied will not be shared with third parties.

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