Whole Car

Whole Car treatment includes the windscreen, side windows and rear window, dramatically improving visibility through every window.
Windscreen & Side Windows

Professional glass treatment for the front of your car, the rain will run straight off the windscreen and front side widows.

Improve visibility in the rain, you won’t need to use your wipers when driving after this treatment has been applied to the windscreen.

Duxback Glass Treatment 

Duxback is a high-quality car glass treatment, this revolutionary product improves vision in rainy conditions when visibility is reduced and stopping distances are increased. Duxback was originally developed for the aviation industry to apply to aeroplanes.

Select a treatment from one of the three options above:

  1. Duxback whole car treatment - covers all windows around the vehicle
  2. Duxback windscreen & side windows treatment - covers all front windows
  3. Duxback windscreen- covers the front windscreen only


How does Duxback Glass Treatment work?

Duxback treatment is applied to the exterior windows on your vehicle, the Duxback acts as a repellent and prevents water from beading on glass, therefore the water will run off the glass when driving over 40mph. In the winter months, Duxback treatment will prevent ice from sticking to the treated windows reducing a build-up of frost on your windscreen in cold temperatures.

How long does Duxback Glass Treatment last?

Duxback glass treatment will last for approximately six months.


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