Vehicle Headlamp Alignment

It's important for your safety, as well as that of other road users, that all the lights on your car are working correctly with full illumination and correct alignment. UK cars have headlamps that dip to the left so that oncoming drivers aren’t dazzled. It is normally a legal requirement to use beam converters when driving your UK-registered car in a country where vehicles drive on the right.

If your lights aren't working correctly, the dangers are obvious. You can also be liable for a fixed penalty fine or Vehicle Defect Rectification Notice if the police pull you over for a fault, so make sure your lights are all in full working order.

That includes headlights, brake lights, sidelights, hazards, fog lights and rear registration plate lights.

Headlamp alignment

Incorrectly aligned headlights are annoying and potentially dangerous as they can dazzle other drivers and reduce your field of vision. We recommend you book a headlight alignment if you are having problems with your lights.


It's quick and easy to check your bulbs, especially if you have a friend who can walk around your car while you check each light.

  1. Check your headlights (full and dipped beam).
  2. You should also check your sidelights, hazards, fog lights and rear registration plate light.
  3. Rear brake lights are crucial to stop other cars running in to the back of your vehicle, but you will need a friend to check they come on when you put your foot on the brake pedal.
  4. Make sure your lights are clearly visible; wipe off any mud or snow.

Car lights

If in doubt, let one of our skilled technicians do the job for you.

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