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Firestone Tyres

Renowned as pioneers in the arena of the manufacture of tyres, the Firestone group was one of the original early 20th Century equipment suppliers to the Ford Motor Company. Today Firestone is part of the Bridgestone group, producing unrivalled tyres which combine quality, performance, safety and environmental needs.

Firestone has always been at the forefront of technology and leading the field in innovation. Most notably, Firestone has developed tyres with advanced technology for excellent wet traction and optimum performance even as the tyres wear. Available in car, van and 4x4 tyres, Firestone is a brand you can depend on.

We have reviews for the following patterns;

Firestone TZ300 (115)
Firestone Multihawk (80)
Firestone Multihawk 2 (53)
Firestone SZ90 (28)
Firestone SZ90 XL (15)
Firestone Vanhawk (12)
Firestone TZ200 (7)
Firestone Dest HP 4S SUV (7)
Firestone MSeason A/S (6)
Firestone Roadhawk (6)
Firestone F580 (5)
Firestone CV1500 (4)
Firestone TZ300 XL (4)
Firestone FH700 FS (3)
Firestone F590 (3)
Firestone F700 (2)
Firestone Roadhawk XL (2)
Firestone MSeason A/S XL (1)
Firestone F560 (1)
Firestone F700 * (1)
Firestone CV2000 (1)
Firestone CV3000 (1)
Firestone Dest HP (1)
Firestone Vanhawk 2 (1)

Firestone Dest HP

The Firestone Dest HP tyres ensure fantastic overall performance in both dry and wet conditions. The tyre has a number of benefits such as excellent grip levels and fantastic cost savings. The redued rolling resistance results in making the Firestone Dest HP tyres an outstanding value for money proposition.


Firestone Dest HP 4S SUV


Firestone Dest HP XL


Firestone F580

The Firestone F580 tyres from Firestone Tyres are all season touring tyres for passenger cars, specifically designed to deliver high levels of performance without compromising on fuel efficiency. Often high performance is accompanied by fuel guzzling features, and that is too high a price to pay for an exhilarating ride...literally. And for drivers of small to medium passenger cars, if a choice has to be made between high performance and fuel efficiency, it will most likely be the latter. However with the Firestone F580 tyres, you can have both. Firestone Tyres is Japanese tyre biggie Bridgestone Tyres’ economy range brand. Comprising some of the best high quality high value tyres like the popular Firestone Multihawk tyres, Firestone Tyres is committed to values of high quality and maximum affordability in all its products. And the Firestone F580 tyres are no different.

The Firestone F580 tyres are all season touring tyres. Besides passenger cars, they are also suitable for light trucks. They provide good traction on light snowy surface conditions. The Firestone F580 tyres are used as original equipment by several reputed manufacturers and are suitable for fitment on a range of vehicles such as the BMW 2000, BMW 2500, Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Golf and many others.

Precise Handling Characteristics: The tyres enhance the handling characteristics significantly, resulting in more precise steering responsiveness. This makes it easier to manoeuvre the car under all driving conditions be it straight line driving or while negotiating curves.
Improved Braking Responsiveness:The tread compound of the Firestone F580 tyres has inherent high grip properties, resulting in greater traction and improved braking responsiveness on both wet and dry surface.
Increased Ride Comfort: The Firestone F580 tyres reduce tyre noise levels and deliver a smooth ride experience, increasing the ride comfort significantly.

The Firestone F580 tyres design is optimised to reduce rolling resistance resulting in greater fuel economy. In fact the ‘F’ in the tyre name stands for fuel saving. Compared to its predecessors, the rolling resistance of the Firestone F580 tyres has been lowered by 30%, resulting in overall fuel saving of 6%.


Firestone FH700 FS

The Firestone F700 tyres from Firestone Tyres ‘Fuel Saver’ range are specifically designed to bring enhanced levels of fuel cost savings to passenger cars. Like the other tyres in this range such as the Firestone F580 tyres and the Firestone F590 tyres, the Firestone F700 tyres also reduce the rolling resistance, leading to greater efficiency of fuel usage, resulting eventually in fuel cost savings. Additionally, the Firestone F700 tyres are associated with high levels of traction and grip, enhancing the handling characteristics and maximising braking responsiveness, making them one of the safest tyres in their category.

Dry Surface: The Firestone F700 tyres provide outstanding traction on dry surface with highly responsive acceleration and equally exceptional braking responsiveness. This reduces braking distances on dry road, enhancing safety considerably.
Wet Surface: The enhanced safety features of the Firestone F700 tyres on wet roads can be attributed to their unique UNI-T AQ technology. This is one step ahead of the UNI-T technology present in the Firestone F590 tyres. While UNI-T stands for Unique Network of I ntelligent Tyre technology, the UNI-T AQ adds the parameter of ‘Advanced Quality’ to it. This means that in the tyres the UNI-T technology is further fortified by the addition of two layers of age resistant rubber compound to the tyre tread. As a result, the wet traction properties of the tyre remain intact, irrespective of actual tread wear condition. Normally, tread wear reduces ability of the tyres to maintain the usual high wet grip levels. With the Firestone F700 tyres high wet grip is ensured always because of the UNI-T AQ technology.
Exceptional Handling Characteristics:The Firestone F700 tyres offer superb handling on wet and dry surface, leading to superior control at all times. The steering responsiveness is extremely precise, leading to an exhilarating ride experience.
Increased Wet Safety: Because of the increased and extended wet traction provided by the tyres, the chances of skidding on wet roads are very low. You can confidently ‘drive’ about town even in pouring rain.
Enhanced Ride Comfort: With the Firestone F700 tyres, the ride comfort is maximised on account of the smooth drive they offer and also because of the decrease in tyre noise levels.


Firestone MSeason A/S

These days, you never know what’s around the corner. But even if you can’t control the weather, you can at least control what tyres you put on your car. Firestone’s Multiseason promises exactly that: a tyre that is built to perform all year round, even where winter tyres are required by law. So you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of a single set of tyres you know will be up to the task, whatever the forecast.


Firestone MSeason A/S XL


Firestone Multihawk 2

The Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres ensure excellent overall braking performance. Braking distances have been significantly reduced to ensure maximum levels of safety when driving. In terms of drive quality, the overall experience has been improved thanks to reduced tyre noise to enhance comfort. The Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres ensure a perfect combination of excellent performance and safety.


Firestone Multihawk 2 XL


Firestone MultiSeason

The Firestone MultiSeason tyres are tyres aimed to suitable conditions all year round. Whether the weather conditions be sunny, rainy, icy and light snow, you can rest assured of maximum levels of safety and control with the Firestone MultiSeason tyres. Due to the excellent grip levels of the tyre, braking distances are reduced, even on icy or difficult winter surfaces. Handling is improved to maximise levels of control thanks to excellent levels of steering and braking responsiveness.


Firestone Roadhawk

The Firestone Roadhawk tyre is an excellent summer tyre suited specifically to passenger vehicles. You can be assured of excellent value for money if you were to purchase the Firestone Roadhawk tyre, most notably due to the extended tyre life. Due to this, you have the ability to travel for an increased number of miles. Driver control has been improved to maximise safety levels. Braking distances also have been minimised, no matter the road surface or weather conditions.


Firestone Roadhawk XL


Firestone SZ90

The Firestone SZ90 tyres are high performance passenger car tyres from Firestone Tyres, the tyre manufacturer, long associated with producing affordable, high quality tyres. While these tyres may not belong to the ultra high performance category, they definitely bring out the fun in driving and are pioneers in what is called the ‘light sport’ category. For most of us negotiating everyday traffic in our daily work commute or in the school run, a little bit of fun in the drive can make a lot of difference. Variations of these tyres, Firestone SZ90 XL tyres, are suitable for larger vehicles.

Reliable Handling : The Firestone SZ90 tyres exhibit a dynamic asymmetric design that incorporates unique shaped tread blocks on the outer tyre shoulder. These blocks increase the contact patch between the surface and the tread on dry roads, resulting in reliable handling and precise steering responsiveness. This tread arrangement also confers exceptional cornering stability, keeping you safe while negotiating those tricky turns.
Improved Safety on Wet Surfaces: From the tyre shoulder, moving inwards, the Firestone SZ90 tyres exhibit 3 wide circumferential grooves that deflect water from the tread area. The central groove is incorporated with a 3D tie bar that confers additional stiffness to the central tread and also improves connection between the central tread blocks. As a result, the water deflection action becomes even more efficient, resulting in superior safety, grip and control on wet surface.
Increased Braking Responsiveness:High grip on wet and dry surfaces increases traction levels, resulting in better braking response and shorter braking distances to enhance the safety at all times.
Quiet Comfortable Ride: The Firestone SZ90 tyres are associated with delivering a quiet, comfortable ride.


Firestone SZ90 XL


Firestone TZ200

With very good grip and braking in dry conditions and average performance in wet conditions, the Firestone TZ200 is considered a good performer and value for the money tyre.


Firestone TZ300

Firestone TZ300 tyres , designed for family saloons, are known for providing a comfortable and quiet driving experience. The tyres are manufactured by Firestone Tyres, currently a part of tyre manufacturer Bridgestone Corporation. Firestone Tyres have a long racing history and bring forth the best of tyre technology to their on-road products such as the Firestone TZ200 tyres, apart from the TZ300 tyres. The Firestone TZ300 tyres are high performance summer tyres suitable for family cars. They offer superior performance on various crucial tyre parameters such as grip, handling, braking responsiveness, and comfort, including noise levels.

Excellent Handling: The Firestone TZ300 tyres feature an adaptive tyre stiffness pattern designed to support high performance vehicles. The sidewall set up is soft, the radial stiffness is reduced, and the crown stiffness is maintained at an optimised level. These factors enhance overall handling characteristics, giving you precise and perfect control of the vehicle at all speeds. This naturally contributes to driver confidence and comfort in driving your performance vehicle.
Excellent Grip and Reduced Braking Distances: The Firestone TZ300 tyres exhibit a modern and stylish tread pattern that improves grip on wet and dry surface. The shoulder blocks of the tyres are designed to provide maximum traction, further enhancing the grip. Because of superior grip, the Firestone TZ300 tyres exhibit excellent braking response with reduced stopping distances in all conditions.
Maximum Safety on Wet Surfaces: The tread pattern of the Firestone TZ300 tyres consists of lengthwise grooves at the centre of the tread as well as the shoulder. The grooves work together to ensure efficient expulsion of water from under the tread and reduce risk of aquaplaning. Additionally, the tread block shape is optimised to increase its water resistance, which further enhances your safety on wet surface.
Offers a Quiet Drive: FirestoneTZ300 tyres incorporate a shoulder bar into the tread, which absorbs noise generated by the tread pattern. As a result, external noise is greatly reduced and you can look forward to a quiet drive under all conditions.
Wear Characteristics: The tread compound of the Firestone TZ300 tyres is highly resistant to external damage, extending the tyre life. The tread pattern offers strong resistance to uneven tyre wear due to the presence of the shoulder bar. As a result all 4 tyres wear evenly, thus maximising the overall tyre life and reducing frequency of change.


Firestone TZ300 XL


Firestone Vanhawk

The Firestone Vanhawk tyres from Firestone tyres are tough and durable van tyres known for their reliability and affordability, precisely the parameters you look for in a business partner. If you run a mobile business, that requires constant up and down travel in your van, frequent breakdowns due to tyre issues not only mean extra expenditure, but also loss of business. 

The Firestone Vanhawk tyres are tough and durable and offer the best handling and traction on all surfaces and in all kinds of weather. Thus the tyres are a reliable and helpful business partner. Like the Firestone Vanhawk tyres are all round, all weather performers for vans, the Firestone Multihawk tyres are all round performers for passenger cars. Firestone Tyres , an original American brand is more than 100 years old now. Since 1998, Firestone Tyres has been part of Japanese tyres major Bridgestone Tyres.

Enhanced Safety on Wet Surfaces: The design parameters of the Firestone Vanhawk tyres aim to offer maximum safety on wet surface. The tread pattern of the tyres has 3 wide and straight circumferential grooves, which effectively deflect water from the under tread area, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Hence loss of control on wet surface is greatly reduced. The presence of lateral sipes in the central tread further contributes to greater reliability on wet surface.
Extended Tyre Life: The tread design of the Firestone Vanhawk tyres has several features that contribute to extending the tyre life by reducing the tread wear. The presence of continuous ribs, evens out the tread wear and prevents the ‘heel and toe’ wear effect seen in some of the other tyres in the category. Also the circumferential grooves have a wide groove-wall angle. This discourages damaging stone retention in the tread. Thus durability of the tyres is high and they last you for quite some time before you need to even think of replacing them.
Improved Handling Characteristics: The outer shoulder of the Firestone Vanhawk tyres exhibit wide and compact tread blocks, which improve the handling characteristics. This confers steering precision and cornering stability on dry roads.
Quiet Comfortable Performance: The tread design of the Firestone Vanhawk tyres is optimised to provide a quiet and comfortable driving experience.


Firestone Vanhawk 2

The Firestone Vanhawk 2 tyre is specifically designed by light trucks. Wet weather handling has been significantly enhanced to maximise driver control, even in the most difficult of conditions. Carbon emissions and fuel consumption have been decreased to ensure that the Firestone Vanhawk 2 tyre is as environmentally friendly as possible. Aquaplaning has been dramatically reduced to ensure top levels of driver safety.


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