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MOT and service

Get your MOT for just £35 if you sign up for an MOT reminder. Combine your MOT and service to save yourself time, effort, and money. Call us on 0808 231 2415 or book online.

MOT & service: combine and save

Be sure your vehicle passes its annual check-up with an MOT and service from National Tyres and Autocare.

Combining a car service with an MOT is a great way to simplify your car maintenance. Choose us, your autocare experts for over half a century, and benefit from fast booking and competitive prices. With us, you can save while making sure your car works safe and performs its best. For you, we will always go the extra mile.

Book your MOT and service with the UK’s trusted experts in autocare. Arrange your appointment above, view our range of MOT guides , or contact our experts if you have any questions, however small.

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Why book your MOT and service together?

While MOTs and services are different, it can be a good idea to book them together to save time, money, effort, and more. First, let’s look at the differences between them.

MOTs are legally required for vehicles three years or older and must be booked every year after – you can’t drive a car without an MOT. They focus on an MOT checklist that’s decided by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), which is informed by vehicle laws spanning factors including tyre tread, driver’s road view, and exhaust emissions. These sorts of MOT factors can stop a car from working well but are more focused on protecting you, other drivers, and road infrastructure.

Services are not a legal requirement, but they are based on a list set out by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Most recommend a service every six to 12 months. They focus on a wide range of factors, and while there often is crossover with MOTs, they also look at extra items such as engine oil, brake pads, and fluid levels. With no servicing, your car will be much more liable to break down.

So, why combine a car service and MOT?

  • It’s simpler – Since MOT and service assessments take place every year, getting them done at the same time, year in, year out can save you plenty of hassle when it comes to organising your car maintenance.
  • Remember them – 54% of drivers don’t know when their next service is due, according to 2021 Highways England figures. By getting your service performed at the same time as your MOT (which you shouldn’t ignore, or you will be breaking the law), you won’t forget about it, which will lead to less temperamental motoring overall.
  • Prevent breakdownsHighways England states that of the 85,000 breakdowns that happen each year, 40% are due to easily preventable maintenance issues. These will typically be prevented with regular servicing.
  • Save time – Booking a full service and MOT near you together is the two-birds-one-stone approach to car maintenance. Why space them out and double the admin?
  • Reduce costs – With MOT and service packages typically costing less than if they were booked separately, you can reduce costs on two assessments you should ideally be getting performed every year. What’s more, opting out of servicing and getting problems fixed when your car breaks down can be much more expensive than identifying the problem and repairing it early on.

We think that boking an MOT and service, near you at the same time, is a smart choice.

Why choose National for your MOT and Service?

 National Tyres and Autocare have been helping the UK’s motorists since 1970. Our 50-plus years of experience has shown us time and time again that going the extra mile is what matters to our customers when booking a car service and MOT.

Whatever vehicle you drive, you need to be sure that your MOT and service is carried out by a trained professional that knows what they’re looking for – an expert that won’t cut corners or keep your car in the workshop for longer than needed.

Our testers are exactly that. With stringent training, continual reassessment by the DVSA, and the experience of performing tens of thousands of MOTs and services every year, you can trust them. And with over a thousand autocare professionals working hard across over 240 National locations, chances are you’ll be able to arrange an appointment that suits you too.

And finally, because we know that cars are crucial for every driver, we offer National Payment Assist. If your order comes to over £200 (MOT and service plus tyres and repairs, for example), you can split it out into four equal payments with no interest, and absolutely no fees. Because everyone deserves to get from A to B.

Arrange your MOT and service with the mechanics that go the extra mile.

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How much does an MOT and service cost?

The MOT cost with National is £35 (MOT) if you sign up for our free reminder service, plus the cost of your service package, of which there are two to choose from.

The INTERIM Service package costs from £109.99 (so £134.99). The second is the FULL Service, which costs from £169.99 (£189.99 with an MOT). 

The INTERIM Service is best for drivers about to head on a long journey or who are at the mid-point of their MOT, while the FULL Service is much more comprehensive. Our lightest level of service, oil & filter service is not available as an MOT and service package.

The government sets a maximum price for MOTs - £54.85 for cars and £29.65 for motorcycles, increasing in tandem with vehicle size and passenger numbers, to £124.50 for large buses. We believe in giving you an MOT and service at the best possible cost, which is why all our MOTs cost less than these maximum prices.

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Can you get a full service and an MOT?

Yes, you can. National Tyres and Autocare’s FULL Service package can be booked alongside an MOT. There are no government rules against combining the two, and if you haven’t had a service in a while, getting one after the MOT checks are performed can be a great way of simplifying your maintenance requirements.

With National, you can book both at the same time via our tool above, or book them separately and try and request the same date. We would recommend booking them together though, as the latter option may mean you are unable to request the same date.

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How long does an MOT and service take?

Typically, MOT tests take 45 minutes to one hour to complete, while services take between one and a half, to three hours. That means between one hour 45 minutes and four hours is the norm.

That said, every vehicle is different, so the time it takes your car to be serviced may take a much shorter or longer period, for instance if it passes with flying colours or needs replacement parts and extensive repairs.  We may require your vehicle to be dropped with us first thing in the morning and we will be in touch once the work has been completed.

If you book an MOT and service with National, we’ll be upfront with you about how long your MOT and service will take. If it requires a bit more time, we’ll be in touch straight away and be clear about why this is the case – such as whether your car has failed its MOT .

If you would like a more in-depth idea of how long your MOT and service will take with National, get in touch today.

What do I need to bring to my MOT and service?

There are a few things we recommend you bring along to your MOT and service that will speed up the process and make sure our technicians can perform their checks as quickly and effectively as possible.

  • Vehicle service book – So we can view the vehicle’s repair and replacement history.
  • Wheel keys and nuts – Most cars have specialised locking nuts or keys which release the wheels. Bring these along, as MOTs require the wheels to be removed.
  • Empty boot – Spare tyres are covered in the MOT and service, so be sure to clear out your boot so the technician can inspect yours simply.
  • V5C registration form – For vehicles undergoing an MOT for the first time.

Additional FAQs

Find answers to other important MOT and service questions below.

Will my digital service records be updated?

No. We do not update a vehicle’s Digital Service Record. 

Can you send me my MOT certificate online?

If you would like a copy of your MOT certificate after your MOT and service (if you wish to sell the car or want to have the documentation to hand, for example), then all you need to do is wait for our team to pass your vehicle, then use the government’s free service.

Choose National for your MOT and service today

Book your MOT and service today and enjoy low-cost, fast, expertly performed testing that keeps your vehicle running legally, safely, and effectively. Our experts have seen it all, carrying out tens of thousands of MOTs and services every year on all manufacturers and models of vehicle, so you can drop your car off safe in the knowledge it’s being looked after by the experts.

For more information, view our guides, message us on live chat, contact our team or give us a call.

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PRICES dependent on engine size and oil type £73.99 £109.99 £169.99
PRICE INCLUDING MOT £134.99 £189.99
Drain Engine Oil and Refill
(Special or Synthetic Oils Subject to Additional Charge).
Replace Sump Plug Seal or Report Sump Plug Replacement if Integral.
Check for General Oil Leaks.
Auxiliary belt Inspection.
Check for Timing belt Replacement Interval and Report if Due
According to Mileage or Age.
Check Radiator Condition, Security and Report any Leaks.
Check Radiator Cap Seal.
Check Coolant Hoses for Leaks and Condition,
and Security Check Securing Clips
for Tightness and Report.
Check Brake Fluid Level.
Report if Spark Plugs are Due to be changed according to Mileage.
An additional charge applies for the supply of Plugs and Fitment.
Check Battery Condition and Charging Rates.
Check Antifreeze and Top Up Coolant as Required.
Check and Report Condition and Security of Under Tray.
Replace Engine Oil and Filter.
Replace Air Filter. *
Report if Spark Plugs are due to be changed according to Mileage.
An additional charge applies for the supply of Plugs and Fitment.
Check and Report on Cabin Filter Replacement if Due to Mileage and Age.
Check Instruments, Gauges, Warning Lights.
Check Horn.
Check Adblue / Eolys Warning Light.
Check Interior Lights.
Check Clutch Operation (Manual Only).
Check Seat Belts.
Check Climate Control / Air Con System is Operating Correctly.
Check Windscreen Wiper Condition and Operation.
Check Rear Wiper Condition and Operation (if fitted).
Check Windscreen Washer Operations.
Top Up Windscreen Washer Bottle(s).
Check Windscreen for Chips and Cracks.
Check Mirror Condition (Interior and Exterior).
Check Number Plate Condition.
Check Exterior Lights.
Check Steering, Suspension Linkages and Ball Joints for Wear,
Damage and Condition.
Suspension - Check Shock Absorbers and Springs.
Check Tyre Tread Depth.
Check Tyre Pressures.
Check General Tyre Condition.
Check Tyres for Uneven Wear.
Check Tyre Age.
Check Spare Tyre.
Inspect TPMS Valves.
Inspect TPMS Warning Light / Sensor.
Visual Brake Check.
Full Brake Inspection.
Check Fuel Pipes for Routing, Damage and Corrosion.
Check Engine, Transmission and Rear Axle Train Drive.
Check Drive Shaft Joints and Gaiters for Wear and Damage.
Check Exhaust System and Mountings.
Vehicle Road Test.
Reset Service Light.
Stamp Service Book (excludes updating Digital Service Record).

(*) Additional charge may apply if the vehicle has multiple oil, air or pollen filters.

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