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In this article, we will be telling you how you can check your car's MOT history. Buying a second hand car affords drivers the luxury of a new vehicle at a reasonable price. However, before purchasing it is advised to not only check the condition of the car but to also look at its MOT history.

mot history

All cars 3 years and older in the UK are required to have a valid MOT certificate.

A record of a cars MOT history can be found on the Government website ( and records are held for up to 10 years giving you a detailed history of the vehicle.

You can determine the number of previous owners the car has had by checking the log book, this will help you conclude if the vehicle has a full MOT history.

Why check the MOT history?

A full MOT history will inform you of which parts of the car required an immediate repair as it was classed as a major MOT fault
in the past and which had advisories as well as providing you with the mileage information.

An MOT history will also provide you with the dates the car was tested and if necessary any details of past failed tests. When checking the MOT history, you will be able to assess if there have been any previous MOT faults. To find out the most common MOT failures then please click on the following article: Most common MOT failures.

How to get an MOT history check?

Obtaining an MOT history check is easier than you might think, you simply need to enter the vehicle registration into the MOT history checker. To check your MOT history, please click on the related article below (this link will take you to the government website).

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Is an MOT history check necessary?

It is always good practice to gather as much information about a second-hand car as possible before making a purchase. Even second-hand cars are costly so before investing it is wise to carry out background checks. The MOT history checker will indicate if there have been any major defects in the past and whether the car is roadworthy.

How to check Service history?

As well as checking your MOT history, there are also a number of ways that you can check your car service history. To find out how to check service history, please click on the related article below.

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Car Tax Check – How to check whether a car is taxed?

It is also important that as well as checking the MOT history of a vehicle, it is also important that you check if your car is taxed. It is illegal to drive without either a valid MOT and an untaxed vehicle. To find out when your car tax is due, please click on the green button below.

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When is my MOT check due?

It is important that you know when your MOT is due as it is illegal to drive without an MOT. On the National Tyres website, you can check when your MOT is due by clicking the related article below. We also have an MOT reminder service. By signing up for an MOT reminder service, you will receive notifications by email in advance of your MOT due date.

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MOT checks at National

At National Tyres and Autocare, we have over 235 branches covering England, Wales and Scotland. You can book an MOT check online for a discounted price of £27.42 by clicking on the related article below. There are a number of pre MOT checks that we would strongly advise that you undertake before booking an MOT. To see the list of these pre MOT checks, please click the following article: MOT checks – Pre MOT Checklist.

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