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What is a Free Battery Health Check?

A free battery health check helps identify any underlying faults with a battery before it becomes an issue. This pro-active test will give you peace of mind that the battery is in good working order.

Battery Charging:

Over the course of a 10 day period National conducted a survey whereby customers were asked if they would be happy to have their vehicle batteries tested. The results of the survey showed that 45% of the cars tested were in good condition, 40% were in need of a re-charge and 15% needed to be replaced.

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If the test identifies that your battery needs recharging, you should undertake a 45 minute motorway journey at 70mph. This recharges the battery to 90%+ of its fully charged state. We recommend that the battery is re-tested agin in 7 day's time.

How To Identify Battery Issues:

Poor starting is another indication of battery health, or electrical faults that can be prematurely discharging the battery. If the vehicle isn't charging correctly then it can cause repeated battery ‘failures' and unnecessary battery replacements.

Car batteries

Starter and Alternator Systems:

It is important that not only the battery is tested, but also the starting and charging systems.

Our team of experts have the correct diagnostic tools to do this once the battery test has been completed. There is no point in replacing a battery, if it is either the starter motor or charging system that is the root cause of the issue.

Car batteries

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