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How MOT's were affected by Covid-19

On the 29th March 2020, the Government (via the DVSA) introduced an extension to the normal MOT testing regime to help reinforce it's lockdown measures and prevent consumers needing to venture out to get their vehicle tested.

If a vehicle's MOT expired between the 30th March and 31st July, it was automatically extended by 6 months from the expiry date of the current test certificate.

For example, if  the MOT was due to expire on 4th May 2020, it was automatically extended to 4th November 2020.

Originally the scheme was intended to run until March 2021.


Do I need to MOT my car during the Welsh Fire Break Lockdown (23rd October - 9th November 2020)?

Yes, the Welsh Government and the DVSA have announced that MOTs will be conducted as normal during the lockdown period.


Is the MOT Extension Scheme still in operation?

On the 29th June 2020 the Government announced that the MOT Extension scheme was to END on 31st July 2020.

From the 1st August 2020 ALL drivers now need a valid MOT certificate and fines can be levied if caught driving without one.


Are there likely to be any long-term implications for road safety?

There are concerns that the 6-month extension period may have contributed to a large number of vehicles on the road that are in an unroadworthy condition. This could particularly be the case for customers who tend to combine their annual service and MOT together. We have already noticed that the number of tyres worn below the legal limit has increased.

It's worth remembering that drivers can still be prosecuted if driving unsafe vehicles so please ensure that your vehicle is kept in a road worthy condition.


Are all MOT Testing Stations open?

ALL National's MOT testing centres are open and due to a backlog of MOTs we would recommend that customers consider having their MOT conducted on or before their current due date, to ensure their vehicle remains in a roadworthy condition. Leaving it right to the end of the extension period to make your MOT booking may mean that slots are hard to come by.


Will there be a backlog of MOTs?

The DVSA has expressed concerns that we will see a very signficant increase in demand for MOTs in the period between Oct 2020-February 2021. This is the period when all the vehicles that have been granted an extension will be required to have them tested. Discounted MOTs may become more difficult to find over his period.


How many MOTs have been extended?

According to DVSA there have been about 9 million MOTs extended since the end of March, which meant that around 70,000 MOT's were being extended every day.

However around 3 million customers are believed to have still attended on the date of their original MOT.

At the end of July the DVSA believe there are about 6 million MOT's outstanding and this will cause a spike in demand from October 2020 through to Janaury 2021.


The graph below is provided by the DVSA and shows the number extensions granted and the number remaining to be carried out each month.




Last Updated: 23/9/20

What do I need to do to guarantee an MOT slot for my vehicle?

We would advise customers to make an MOT booking early (even if they have time left within the extension period) to avoid the rush from October onwards. We are already seeing demand increase rapidly.


Can I still get a discounted MOT from National?

We are offering a specially discounted rate of £35 if you book your MOT online today. The normal rate for an MOT is £54.85 - a saving of almost £20. If you sign up to our MOT Reminder service, we'll give you a discount code that will reduce the price to just £27.42 - that's HALF PRICE!

To book your MOT please click here.


Are there new Covid-19 measures in place at National?

At National Tyres and Autocare we have updated our in-branch procedures to ensure that both our customers and our staff members stay safe. To find out more information on our current safety procedures and social distancing please click here.


Where can I find more information on MOT's

Just click here for our comprehensive guide to MOT's 


When is my MOT Due

You can check your MOT Due Date for free - just enter your vehicle registration number

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