New MOT testing standards 2021

MOT testing standards are one of the main ways the government ensures the vehicles on the road are well-maintained and unlikely to hurt you or other road users or damage the roads and environment. To make sure these standards reflect the changing law, vehicles and roads, there are regular changes to the MOT test requirements.

To help you keep on top of the changes, here are the various new MOT testing standards for 2021.

February 2021: the new MOT testing app

Since mid-February 2021, MOT testers can log into the MOT testing system (MTS) via a new smartphone app, as well as using a security card or email-password combination.

This change to the MOT test makes it easier for staff to sign into the system, and hopefully speed up the time it takes for them to perform MOTs.

February 2021: tyres over 10 years old banned on minibuses, coaches and buses

In response to a campaign to update road regulations following a fatal crash of a coach in September 2020, the government changed MOT test rules. The changes meant that, from February 1st, 2021, tyres over 10 years of age could not be fitted to:

  • The front axle of buses, coaches or minibuses with nine to 16 passenger seats
  • The front axle of goods vehicles that have a maximum gross weight of over 3,500kg
  • The rear axle of minibuses with single rear wheels.

January 2021: updates to the MOT inspection manual

In effect from January 11th, 2021, the government changed the MOT requirements. There were many updates across a wide range of sections, all being relatively minor. These spanned:

  • General definitions
  • Vehicle identification
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Visibility
  • Lamps, reflectors and electrics
  • Axles, wheels, tyres and suspension
  • Body, structure and attachments
  • Nuisance
  • Seat belt installation checks.

You can view the full list of changes on the government’s site.

New MOT special notices

MOT special notices are updates to the MOT that have yet to be formally included in the MOT test rules. Recent special notices in 2021 include:

  • 02-21: MOT connected equipment – Starting from May 1st, 2021, testers can directly link diesel smoke meters and exhaust gas analysers to the MOT testing service.
  • 01-21: headlamp conversions – From March 22nd, 2021, light emitting diode (LED) and high intensity discharge (HID) bulb conversions are allowed in some vehicles without causing a fail result.

We stay on top of MOT test changes

National’s expert MOT testers are constantly trained and tested on the changing MOT testing standards. This means every single MOT they conduct will be of a safe, legal and professional quality, so you can drive home with complete peace of mind.

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