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Driving in winter can be very tricky, especially in snow and ice. At National Tyres and Autocare, we offer a FREE visual safety check, where will check the key areas of your car to ensure safe driving.

In this article, we’ll discuss what we check and how you can book your FREE safety check.

Free Safety Check

Tyre Condition

Ensuring that your tyres are in the best condition is crucial for driving in winter. Excessive wear and tear could lead to a loss of grip, which may lead to an accident when driving on a slippery surface. We’ll also check your tread depth, as this can help to provide more grip. If your tread depth is low and could be dangerous, we recommend getting new tyres. To order new tyres, click the button below.

Buy Tyres Online

We’ll also check the general condition of your tyres, ensuring there are no cracks, bulges or nails in the tyre. Any defect on a tyre could lead to a puncture or a tyre blowout, which could leave you stranded in the cold. To book a FREE safety check, click the link below.

FREE Safety Check


Tyre Pressure

Incorrect tyre pressure can lead to uneven wear, which results in you needing to change your tyres sooner than expected. Our FREE check will check the pressures of your tyres to ensure they are correct and match on both sides. Having the incorrect tyre pressure can also lead to less grip on the road, which is dangerous when driving, especially over winter when the roads are covered in snow and ice.

If you want to find out the correct tyre pressures for your vehicle, please click the button below where you can instantly find out this information.

Check Tyre Pressures


Engine Oil

Keeping your engine oil topped up is vital for the performance of your engine. If your engine runs out of oil, it will stop running. Our FREE safety check will check your engine oil and let you know if it needs topping up.

Ensuring your engine is running smoothly over winter is vital, as oil can get thicker as the temperature decreases. This means that the engine has to push around the cold, gooey oil and that makes it harder for the engine to spin.


Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are crucial for good visibility in winter conditions. With a higher chance of rain, snow and frosted windscreens, you will likely need your wiper blades whenever you drive this winter. Any tears or streak in your blades could impact their ability to clear your windscreen. This would decrease your visibility whilst driving, making it harder in already difficult conditions. To order new wiper blades for your car, click the link below.

Wiper Blades



A faulty exhaust reduces fuel efficiency whilst driving, meaning that your car will do fewer miles to the gallon. This means that you will need to fill up your car with fuel more often, making your car more expensive to run. This isn’t ideal, especially around Christmas time!

Our FREE safety check will check that your exhaust is operating smoothly and that there aren’t any emission leaks. To order an exhaust repair or replacement, click the link below.

Order Exhaust Online



With fewer hours of daylight, blubs are vital for road safety this winter. It’s crucial to check that all your bulbs are working, not just headlights. They will help you see where you’re going in tricky conditions, as well as letting other vehicles see you with more ease.

Our safety check will ensure that all your bulbs are working correctly, including fog lights which can be extremely useful in snowy conditions. To book your FREE check, click the link below.

FREE Safety Check



We’ll check your braking system and shock absorbers for obvious faults. It’s vital to ensure there aren’t any objects blocking your brakes, and that they aren’t worn down too much. Both of these could lead to a brake failure, which would be very dangerous in winter especially. This is due to an increase in braking distances, so if your brakes fail your car could skid and potentially cause an accident.

It’s also crucial to have your shock absorbers checked. Winter leads to more potholes on the roads, so your shock absorbers need to be in full working condition to deal with any bumps. To find out more, click the link below. 



Our FREE winter safety check will ensure that your car is safe to drive this winter, giving you full confidence in trickier conditions. To book your check, click the button below.

FREE Safety Check

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