Winter Driving Tips

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It’s winter and it’s time to get ready for snow. You don’t want to be stuck in your car if the roads get icy, so here are our top tips and tricks to keep you safe and prepared for winter driving.

If you live in an area where it snows often, you may have a routine when it comes to winter driving. But if this is your first winter living in a place with snow, don’t worry! There are ways to prepare your vehicle for colder weather so that you can drive safely. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the season.

winter driving

Winter Driving Tips

When you’re driving in the winter months, it’s important to make sure you have the right tyres for the road conditions.

Summer tyres can be tricky on icy or snowy roads. All-season and winter tyres are made to maintain traction on slippery surfaces and prevent you from losing control of your vehicle. They will help you stay safe and drive confidently during poor weather conditions, thanks to a deeper tread pattern. If you’d like to buy all-season tyres for your vehicle, click the link below.

All-Season Tyres

Even if snow isn't in sight, there are still other things to prepare for when the weather starts getting colder. Keep an emergency kit in your car just in case! It should have an ice scraper, phone charger, jumper cables, basic tools, and blankets for sleeping in case you get stranded!

Make sure that you leave plenty of room for the car in front. If they brake suddenly, you will need an increased braking distance in the snow or on icy roads. So to avoid a crash, make sure to drive slowly and leave plenty of space.


What to do before winter

Before winter hits, you should take time to prepare your car for the weather.

First, make sure your windshield washer fluid levels are high. You can also fill up your fuel tank and top off any fluids you use often that might freeze in the winter – like coolant and brake fluid – so that you don’t run out during a storm. You should also check your tyre pressure to ensure that your tyres are balanced. For a FREE pressure check, click the button below.

Free Pressure Check

Remember to always dress warmly when driving during the winter! It’s important to prepare yourself for the potentially harsh weather conditions that lie ahead. We recommend wearing layers of clothes instead of one heavy jacket or sweater because layers offer more protection from wind and other cold-weather elements. And finally, always carry an emergency kit with you during these months - it will come in handy if something happens along the way!


The right gear for winter

Some of the most important things you can do to prepare for winter driving are to equip your car with the right gear and make sure it is in good working order. You may want to drive more carefully on snow or ice, so make sure your tyres are fully inflated and that all your wheels are aligned. If you haven’t had your brakes checked recently, now is a good time!

You’ll also need to be prepared for cold weather by checking that your windshield wipers are in good condition and that they work smoothly. It's also important to keep them clean so they don't freeze up during usage. You'll also want to ensure you have all the right tools for clearing any ice off your windscreen!

You might also want to consider buying snow tyres for better traction on slippery surfaces. These will help prevent your wheels from spinning. To find out more about winter tyres, click the button below.

Winter Tyres

One thing you should never forget is antifreeze fluid for cold temperatures!


Keeping your car in good shape

One of the most important aspects of winter car prep is making sure your car is in good shape.

Although it’s tempting to put off a car service until spring, don't wait. Our Oil and Filter service will give you that extra peace of mind. To book a service, click the link below.

Book Service Today

If you haven’t had your brakes checked in a while, do so before the next storm hits. You also want to make sure your tyres are properly inflated and that they have enough tread for snowy conditions.

If you don't know how to check these items on your own, bring your vehicle to one of our branches for a FREE safety check before winter weather arrives. A mechanic can identify any problems that could endanger you or other drivers during the next snowstorm. To find your nearest branch, click the button below.

Branch Locator

Making sure your car is in good shape to drive in the winter is important. Make sure you take the necessary measures to prepare for winter driving.

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