How To Drive Your Car As Economically As Possible

Author Name – Ben Garner


Fuel consumption is a vital part of driving, and there's plenty of things you can do to drive economically, save money and cut pollution. In this article, we'll share some top eco-driving tips for maximising car efficiency.


Accelerate Gently

When you're in a rush, don't keep your accelerator on the floor. Acceleration and braking are really quick processes. Go at a pace that's comfortable and natural to you. This helps you control your car better, and you can save petrol, especially on short trips.

Cars tend to accelerate quickly, but you'll really save fuel if you take your foot off the accelerator slowly as you get up to speed.


Drive With A Light Foot

If you have a diesel car, drive it slower than you normally would, because diesel doesn't have as much power as petrol and it can be difficult to accelerate quickly in towns and cities. If you are looking to reduce your diesel emissions, please click on the related article below.

Diesel Emissions

If you have a petrol car, make sure to be slow under acceleration to prevent an excessive burning of fuel. When driving a petrol or diesel vehicle, driving with a heavy foot increases fuel consumption.


Don't Drive At The Maximum Speed

If you drive at the speed limit on a particular road, you're wasting fuel. Research conducted by Earth Easy has shown that increasing your speed can raise fuel consumption by as much as 20%. In short, driving slowly is not only more eco-friendly but also more fuel-efficient.


Be Mindful Of Your Engine's RPM

When the RPM reaches the upper limit of your chosen gear, that means it's running full-throttle, and all your revs and horsepower will be doing nothing for you. Keeping at a constant speed in a higher gear will reduce the RPM. It's a simple trick that you may not have thought of but can highly increase the efficiency of your car.

To ensure that your car's engine is running correctly, we recommend booking in for a service. At National, we have three separate servicing packages: An Oil and Filter Service, an Interim Service and a Full Car Service. If you would like to find out more about each of our car servicing packages, please click on the button below.

Service Packages


Keep Your Tyres Inflated To The Right Pressure

Before you set off on any journey, make sure you check your tyres. Any punctures or bulges could make your vehicle unsafe to drive, and if your tyres are under or overinflated the efficiency of your car could be reduced drastically. It is vitally important that your tyres are inflated to the correct PSI. To find your tyre pressures, please click on the button below.

Check Tyre Pressure


To have your tyre pressures checked for FREE at your local branch, please click the button below.

Free Tyre Check


It is also important to ensure your tyres are balanced to prevent uneven wear. To have your wheels balanced, click the link below.

Wheel Balancing

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