What wiper blades do I need for my car?

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The UK’s weather is very unpredictable and can make driving very difficult. When drivers carry out routine maintenance checks they often forget to check the condition of their vehicle’s wiper blades, which are an essential safety feature.

what wiper blades do i need for my car

Wiper blades are crucial for visibility in wet and dry conditions and if you notice that your wiper blades are smearing your screen, screeching or the rubber is cracking it may be time to change these.

If you are not sure which wiper blades to choose for your vehicle, we can help. We now offer a wiper blade replacement service and have partnered up with Valeo who have vast experience and offer a wide range of quality wiper blades to suit your vehicle.

Simply enter your registration number into the search box at www.national.co.uk/wiper-blades and it will give you all the options available for your vehicle.

Our range of Replacement Wiper Blades

Valeo Silencio and HydroConnect

Over 50% of new vehicles are supplied with Valeo wiper blades as original equipment and all blades are rigorously tested to ensure optimal visibility and improved safety, so you will be confident in buying quality wiper blades.

The Valeo Silencio range are original equipment wiper blades and are very popular amongst customers looking for the exact same blade. They have a customer satisfaction rating of 100% and no quality issues have been reported. The range consists of conventional, hybrid, flat, aquablade and rear blades.

HydroConnect are a new premium range of flat wiper blades. They have replaceable adapters and a versatile construction and can adapt to fit all car models. Conventional wipers can be replaced with HydroConnect modern flat wiper blades.

It is always advisable to change wiper blades in pairs, as they work together. To get a wiper blade quotation for your vehicle head over to www.national.co.uk/wiper-blades, all prices include fitting.

How to change Wiper Blades

If you have already purchased wiper blades, you may need help fitting them, so we have created a blog with a step-by-step guide on how to fit wiper blades.

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Are wiper blades checked on an MOT check?

Wiper blades are checked on an MOT test, as they are an important safety feature. MOT testers will also check if the windscreen washers can squirt water onto your windscreen and whether they activate the wipers.

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Are wiper blades checked during a car service?

Our Express, Interim and Full-Service packages include wiper blade checks, they will check the general condition of your wiper blades, if they are operating correctly and whether the windscreen washer function is working. Your windscreen washer bottle level will also be checked and topped up if necessary.

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If you have any other queries regarding wiper blades please do not hesitate to contact a technician in one of our National Tyres and Autocare branches.

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