Tyre Safety Month – 007 reasons to check your tyres!

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Check out our 007 reasons to check your tyres! This month is Tyre Safety month, an annual initiative created by the charity TyreSafe.org to educate motorists on the importance of checking their tyres regularly.

As the Autumn sets in, driving conditions change. The wet weather can be hazardous if tyres are worn, dangerously increasing stopping distances.


Why is it important to check your tyres?

    1. It is estimated that there are over 10 million illegal tyres on the UK roads today
    2. 159 people seriously injured or killed from tyre related accidents every year*
    3. 1 in 5 motorists never check their tyres
    4. Over 2 million MOT failures every year from tyre defects**
    5. Illegal tyres can result in a £2,500 fine for the driver
    6. 3 penalty points will also be issued per illegal tyre
    7. Dangerously increased stopping distances when braking

Don’t become a statistic, stay safe and check your tyres today!

Here at National, we offer Free safety checks at any one of our 250 branches nationwide.

*UK annual average

** 2,200,000+, DVSA figures

Facts verified from Tyre Safety Awareness Statistics Infographics | TyreSafe

tyre safety month

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