Louise Helsby

Louise is Marketing Manager for National Tyres and Autocare and has over 15 years’ experience working within the tyre industry. Louise, a key member of the Marketing team at National, plays a pivotal role in educating the mass market about tyre safety and the importance of regular tyre checks. To take a look at the content Louise has written for National, please see the articles below.

21 Oct 2021 7 people
Tyre Safety Month – 007 reasons to check your tyres!

Check out our 007 reasons to check your tyres! This month is Tyre Safety month, an annual initiative created by the charity TyreSafe.org to educate motorists on the importance of checking their tyres regularly. As the Autumn sets in, driving conditions change. The wet weather can be hazardous if…
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07 Oct 2021 26 people
Tyres Explained: What do the numbers on tyres mean?

The sidewall of a tyre will contain information including the size, width and diameter of the tyres required for your vehicle. Here is our comprehensive guide to understanding how to read the tyre size from the sidewall. What do the numbers and letters on the sidewall mean? There are numerous…
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04 Jun 2021 9 people
UK tyre laws

Do you know the laws relating to tyres? Do you know what responsibilities you as a driver have to ensure the tyres on your car are safe? If in doubt, read this quick guide to UK tyre law.   What are the risks of dangerous tyres? Every year, dangerous tyres lead to around 5,000…
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26 May 2021 0 people
What do car suspensions do?

The suspension system in your car is essential for a number of reasons. It is responsible for absorbing impact, optimising comfort, steering responsiveness, and enhances safety. Without the suspension system, your car would feel very different to drive and would not be practical. With all of this…
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26 Apr 2021 22 people
Understanding Tyre Sizes, Markings and Profiles

Every tyre has sidewall markings, which shows you information about the tyre manufacturer, tyre range, size, load index, speed rating and age, but do you understand these? Tyre size The most important marking on your tyre is your tyre size and you will need to make sure that you order the correct…
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16 Apr 2021 1 people
Why does my steering wheel vibrate?

Often when there is something wrong with a component in your vehicle, it will be displayed through a subtle sign that you can pick up on. Often these signs are discreet and drivers will dismiss them. Some examples of these subtle signs may be squeaking brakes, a funny smell or a small leak. An…
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16 Apr 2021 2 people
Tyre types – what are the differences

Tyres are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. They are the only part of your vehicle that makes contact with the road and they need to be in tip-top condition to cope with all weather conditions, including the very changeable weather in the UK. Tyres need to carry your…
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12 Apr 2021 0 people
Car service & MOT

Servicing and MOT are two words that every driver will be familiar with. With both a car service and MOT, most people are aware that they serve a similar purpose. They both involve a professional set of eyes examining your vehicle, with the ultimate aim to be to send you out on the road with a…
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01 Apr 2021 40 people
When do brake discs need changing?

Brake discs are an essential component of the braking system, along with the brake callipers and brake pads, they all work in harmony to bring your car to a halt when you press the brake pedal down. The braking system works by the callipers pushing the brake pads against the brake disc. This…
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19 Mar 2021 35 people
When does brake fluid need changing?

Brake fluid is a vital component for your car’s braking system. The brake fluid, often referred to as hydraulic fluid, is part of the hydraulic system that makes your brakes work. Book Now When you apply pressure to your brake pedal the fluid is pressurised, pushing the brake pads onto the…
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