Extended Tyre Warranty

  • The Extended Tyre Warranty is available on all tyres (excluding run flat tyres and winter tyres) sold by any subsidiary of Halfords Group plc providing that a warranty is purchased at the point of purchase of the tyre and subject to the exclusions in the terms and conditions.
  • If a defect is found during the legal lifetime of the tyre (i.e. upto 1.6mm remaining tread depth), which cannot be repaired to British Standard BSAU/159 then the customer will be given a discount on a new tyre depending on how much tread remains on the tyre.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. This Promotion (the ‘Promotion’) is organised and hosted by Halfords, Icknield Street Drive, Washford West, Redditch, B98 0DE. The promoter will be the relevant subsidiary of Halfords Group plc from whom the warranty has been purchased (the "Sponsor").
  2. This warranty applies to all tyres (excluding run flat tyres and winter tyres) for which a warranty has been purchased, and which are purchased and fitted at any subsidiary of Halfords Group plc including Halfords Autocentres, Halfords.com, TyresOnTheDrive.com, National Tyres and McConechy’s centres, and including online purchases.
  3. The recommended retail price for the warranty is £7.99 per tyre.
  4. The warranty may be purchased from Halfords Group garages and autocentres, from Halfords Mobile Expert, and online by adding this to the online shopping basket. At the point of purchase the customer will be provided with a tyre warranty leaflet (the “Leaflet”) which provides information regarding the warranty. The Leaflet must be completed by the issuing centre with the details of the tyre to which the warranty relates (the “Certificate”).
  5. If a defect or puncture is found with the tyre, then if it is possible to do so, we will repair the tyre to British Standard BSAU/159 free of charge.
  6. If the tyre has irreparable damage, we will give the customer a discount on a replacement tyre depending on how much tyre tread is remaining. The tyre need not be identical to the original tyre, but must be of the same size, load and speed rating.
  7. The original tyre purchased must have been maintained correctly in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  8. This warranty is valid provided there is a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm on the tyre.
  9. All claims must be accompanied by the original invoice and the fully completed original Certificate issued at the time of purchase.
  10. This warranty applies to the price of the relevant tyre(s) as at the date of purchase of the replacement tyre(s).
  11. The tyre must have been balanced and a new valve fitted where necessary by the relevant Halfords Group entity at the time of original purchase.
  12. The tyre must have been fitted to a vehicle and must have been used for normal road use. Off road use, racing, deliberate or malicious damage will invalidate the warranty.
  13. This warranty is available to private motorists only. It does not cover tyres used on taxis, cabs, company owned cars, driving school vehicles, private hire vehicles or vehicles used for other commercial or business purposes.
  14. This warranty is limited to cars and car derived vans; and expressly excludes tyres fitted to vans, pickups, motorcycles and car derived campers.
  15. Puncture repairs to British Standard BSAU/159 can only be undertaken in the repairable tread area of the tyre. (Repairable area marked with a red T).
  16. The remaining tread depth of the tyre will be judged from taking an average of three tread depth readings across the repairable area of the tyre, none of which must be below 1.6mm.
  17. Tyres with a suspected manufacturing fault (to the extent that you do not have any other refund or repair rights associated with such faults) or tyres with irreparable damage will be replaced at the rates on the remaining tread depth chart, below.
    Remaining Tread Replacement Discount
    7mm and above 100%
    Between 6mm and 7mm 80%
    Between 5mm and 6mm 65%
    Between 4mm and 5mm 50%
    Between 3mm and 4mm 35%
    Between 2mm and 3mm 20%
    Between 1.6mm and 2mm 5%
    Less than 1.6mm Nil
  18. The warranty applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable. It applies from the date of purchase for the legal lifetime of the tyre for which it was purchased. Replacement tyres will not be covered from the date of the original purchase and will require a new warranty.
  19. Whilst the warranty is available on tyres purchased from and fitted by Tyres on the Drive and Halfords Mobile Expert, it may only be redeemed at fixed garages and autocentres operated by Halfords Group plc subsidiaries. Repairs and replacements are not available from Tyres on the Drive or Halfords Mobile Expert.
  20. This warranty does not cover rapid or uneven wear caused by vehicle defects.
  21. This warranty is invalid if the tyre is removed or repaired by any other company or individual.
  22. This warranty only covers replacement tyres equivalent or greater than the OE recommended speed and load index. We will make every possible effort to locate an exact replacement for the tyre, however if that is not possible, i.e. the tyre is obsolete, has been superseded or is out of stock, we reserve the right to offer an alternative.
  23. Refitting, rebalancing and standard valves will not be charged for unless the vehicle requires a specialist valve, for example but not limited to a TPMS sensor valve for which there will be a charge.
  24. This warranty is in addition to your statutory rights which are unaffected.

Using the Warranty

If the customer suspects the tyre to be damaged or a manufacturer defect then the vehicle can be taken back to any Halfords Group garage and a fully qualified technician will inspect the tyre.

The warranty may only be redeemed at fixed garages and autocentres operated by Halfords Group plc subsidiaries. Repairs and replacements are not available from Tyres on the Drive or Halfords Mobile Expert.

Warranty Exclusions

The warranty covers material or manufacturing defects, punctures and irreparable damage caused by normal road use. It excludes damaged caused by the following:

  • A mechanical defect in the vehicle
  • Use of unsuitable wheels
  • Not maintaining correct tyre pressure
  • Carrying or towing loads in excess of vehicle specification
  • Improper or prolonged use of snow chains
  • Use in competitive sport and/or off road use
  • Removal of a wheel or poor fitting of the tyre
  • Acts of God, criminal or malicious damage, vandalism, fire, or theft
  • Road traffic accident damage or ensuing problems
  • Repair by a non-Halfords Group plc garage
  • Use of tyre that doesn’t match the vehicle specification
  • Prolonged contact with acids, solvents or oils

Your statutory rights are not affected by the terms of this Warranty.

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