Daisy Clarke

01 Dec 2023 8 people
How to Look After Your Car Battery

Your car battery is responsible for powering a lot  – especially as our cars get more and more complex. So, knowing how to look after your battery will keep your car running smoothly for miles and miles.  In this blog, we’ll walk you through how to take care of your battery,…
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01 Dec 2023 106 people
Avoid a Flat Battery This Festive Season

The festive season can be tough on your car battery. In fact, it can be so draining that the 2nd of January is known as ‘Flat-battery Tuesday’, since thousands of us wake up to a car that won’t start. Not driving over the Christmas period (or driving a lot less than usual)…
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27 Nov 2023 5 people
What is TPMS?

Keeping on top of your vehicle’s warning lights is a must (if you’re still not sure which light means what, check out our guide here), but it’s particularly important for safety components like your tyres. They’re your only contact with the road and neglecting them for too…
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17 Nov 2023 108 people
How to drive safely on icy roads

Driving on icy roads can be daunting, and potentially dangerous. Here are some tips to help you stay safe on the roads in icy conditions: 1. Check your tyres  Your tyres do a pretty important job of keeping you safe when it’s icy out; they’re the only part of your car that ever…
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31 Oct 2023 1 people
How To Prepare Your Car for Darker Nights

Although it rolls around every year, the darker nights can still creep up on you. And now the clocks are going back, it’s going to feel even darker. So, how do you make sure your car’s ready to hit the road? We’re here to guide you through it. Check your bulbs  It might…
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28 Sep 2023 16 people
Tyres In the Wet: How to Stay Safe

You don’t need us to tell you that wet and rainy weather can make driving more difficult, but did you know the condition of your tyres plays a big role too? Worn tyres increase the risk of aquaplaning in bad weather since you’ll have less friction with the road. So, although…
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19 Sep 2023 4 people
Why Book Your MOT & Service Together?

While your MOT and Service fall under the umbrella of routine car maintenance, you might be shocked as to how different they actually are. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with both. At National, we make that super easy – because you can book them both together! Yep,…
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14 Jun 2023 36 people
How Hot Weather Affects Tyre Pressure

Many of us start worrying about our tyres when the cold weather hits, but fluctuating temperatures at any time of year can alter the air pressure in your car’s tyres. In turn, this can affect your vehicle's road holding, steering performance, braking distance, all-round safety, and fuel…
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14 Jun 2023 49 people
What Makes Tyres Illegal?

While it may seem like there are no obvious problems with your car tyres, there are a variety of factors that can impact how they perform. If it’s been some time since they were last checked, you may even be driving with illegal tyres. So, it’s essential to check your tyres regularly to…
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