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RainSport 5
RainSport 5
40 sizes available
Prices from £45.11 to £155.95

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Ultra-high performance from Uniroyal RAINSPORT 5

The new RainSport 5 combines best-in-class wet performance, enhanced mileage, and superior steering control for maximum driving pleasure.

The RainSport 5 is made for exceptional wet performance, enhanced mileage, and superior steering control – it’s the sporty solution for compact, middle and top of the range vehicles, including SUVs. The further developed Shark Skin Technology and wide in-block groves disperse water out of the tread pattern, effectively reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Moreover, the innovative Aqua-Twist sipes channel water out of the tyre, leading to increased grip on wet slippery roads. A newely developed tread compound guarentees low abrasion, and the stiffer shoulders ensure even tread wear. The overall optimised tread design provides even pressure distribution on the road, which leads to a higher milage and a quieter ride. With a stiffer base, the specially designed wide centre ribs, and reinforced outside shoulder, the RainSport 5 truly delivers cornering stability, great steering response and control for maximum driving pleasure. 


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