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Rovelo Tyres

Rovelo bring to the market a selection of competitively priced mid-range and budget tyres.

Manufactured in China by company Sailun, Rovelo products are created in partnership with the Qingdao University of Science and Technology.

Their strict research and development conditions push the boundaries of tyre design and strive to create a trusted budget alternative for a global industry. Amongst Rovelo’s most popular tyre is their winter range offering reliable performance in tough driving conditions.

We have reviews for the following patterns;

RHP-780 (61)
RCM-836 (59)
RPX-988 (33)
RHP-778 (26)
RHP-780P (21)


The Rovelo RCM-836 offer excellent performance at an affordable price. Braking distances are reduced dramatically on both dry and wet road surfaces to ensure excellent levels of driver safety. The superior levels of grip contribute to fantastic performance in wet conditons, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning through effective water dispersion.



The Rovelo RHP-778 tyres are part of our budget tyre range, offering excellent performance at affordable pricing. The Rovelo RHP-778 tyre is a summer tyre which ensures a safe and comfortable driving experience. This is due to the excellent gripping qualities in both dry and wet conditions.

Fantastic grip levels: The superior grip levels of the Rovelo RHP-778 tyres help maximise driver safety. Reduced braking distances help ensure excellent levels of control on both dry and wet road surfaces. This means you can feel safe when driving, no matter the conditions.
Increased handling characteristics: The grip levels of the Rovelo RHP-778 tyres also help contribute positively towards improved braking and steering responsiveness. As well as reduced stopping distances, handling is also enhanced, even in wet and difficult conditions.
Wet weather performance: The risk of skidding, losing control or aquaplaning in wet or difficult conditions is greatly reduced. On wet road surfaces, the grooves within the tyre tread help disperse water to minimise the risk of skidding.
Improved overall performance: Overall, the Rovelo RHP-778 tyres help contribute to a positive driving experience. The improved levels of grip, combined with the superior safety levels make the Rovelo RHP-778 tyres excellent value for money.



The Rovelo RHP-780 tyre is an excellent value for money proposition, offering quality performance at an affordable price. The Rovelo RHP-780 tyre is a long lasting tyre with reduced rolling resistance, ensuring you get value for money. Handling is also greatly improved on both dry and wet road surfaces. The risk of aquaplaning on wet road surfaces is significantly minimised to ensure maximum levels of safety and control.



The Rovelo RHP708P tyres are suited specifically for the summer tyre season. You can be assured of an excellent value for money proposition due to the number of benefits that the Rovelo RHP780P tyres offer. Braking distances are significantly reduced to ensure maximum levels of safety, no matter the weather conditions or road surface. Steering reponsiveness is also greatly improved allowing for excellent levels of control. In wet conditions, the risk of aquaplaning is also greatly reduced.



The Rovelo Road Quest tyre is a high quality tyre at an affordable price. Fuel economy has been significantly improved due to reduced rolling resistance. Traction with the road surface in wet conditions has also been greatly improved. Stability when driving, especially when cornering has also been enhanced due to the fantastic gripping qualities of the tyre. 



The Rovelo RPX-988 tyre ensures fantastic overall performance at an outstanding price. You can be assured of a reliable tyre which will save you money. You will gain cost savings due to the long life of the tyre as a result of the optimised rolling resistance. Tyre noise levels have been reduced in an attempt to ensure maximum driver comfort. The outstanding levels of grip contribute to optimum levels of performance on both dry and wet road surfaces.


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