Firehawk 590

Firestone Firehawk 590 tyres

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Ultra-high performance from Firestone FIREHAWK 590

The Firestone F590 tyres are one of the best options for small to medium passenger cars as they offer the best combination of affordability and reliability. Firestone Tyres is a group company of Japanese tyre conglomerate Bridgestone Tyres. Firestone Tyres specifically produces the high quality tyres for all applications in the economical (mid-range) tyre segment. 

A Combination of Affordability and Reliability:The affordability of the Firestone F590 tyres stems from the fact that these are part of the special Fuel Saver range of Firestone Tyres (in fact, ‘F’ in the tyre name stands for fuel saver). The reduction in fuel consumption has an obvious effect on reducing fuel costs, making the tyres more affordable. With regard to reliability, the Firestone F590 tyres are fortified with a range of designs and technologies that ensure superior wet and dry handling, enhanced ride comfort, noise-free drive and extended tyre life. Thus you can rely on these tyres for maximising your performance, safety and comfort while driving.
Offering Maximum Fuel Efficiency: The Firestone F590 tyres use Long Lasting Carbon (LLC) black in the tread compound, which has an impact on reducing the rolling resistance. This of course, increases fuel efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. The LLC compound also strengthens the tyres and reduces tyre wear, making the Firestone F590 tyres last much longer than counterparts in the category.
Performance Powered by UNI-T Technology: The various performance characteristics of the Firestone F590 tyres can be attributed to the Firestone patented UNI-T technology. An abbreviation for Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tyre Technology, it enables a more tuned performance of the tyres which maximises the wet and dry handling parameters of the tyres. Amongst other things, the UNI-T technology uses computer software for optimising tread patterns, resulting in reduced tyre noise. Also the tyre profile is made rounder, which increases the stability and comfort of the ride.

The flagship product of the company is the Firestone Multihawk tyres, which offer all round performance all year round. Interestingly, the Firestone F590 tyres were launched to mark the 100th year celebration of Firestone Tyres.

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Below are Firehawk 590 tyre reviews and ratings
Rated 7.2 out of 10 based on 4 customer reviews.
Grip in the dry 8
Grip in the wet 7
Steering responsiveness 8
Cornering Stability 8
Resistance to Aquaplaning 7
Tread wear versus mileage 7
Ride comfort and smoothness 8
Noise level 9
Quality versus price 8
General appearance / tread pattern 8

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