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Ecopia EP150 RHD

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Ultra-high performance from Bridgestone ECOPIA EP150 RHD

Bridgestone Tyres , one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers is associated with some of the most innovative tyre technologies. The Bridgestone Ecopia range has been the result the company’s efforts in the area of developing environment friendly tyres, which reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The Bridgestone EP150 tyres are the flagship product of the Ecopia range, delivering the least carbon dioxide levels and contributing to a greener environment. Thus when you fit the Bridgestone EP150 tyres on your car, you can ‘ride with pride’ because you are doing your bit towards the environment. The Bridgestone EP150 tyres design and construction reduces rolling resistance and thus boosts the fuel efficiency, without compromising on other performance and safety parameters like wet and dry handling, stability, braking responsiveness and tyre noise levels.

Reduced rolling resistance: The tread compound of the Bridgestone EP150 tyres uses the innovative NanoPro-Tech technology, which reduces the rolling resistance by 15%. This translates into 3% lower fuel consumption, producing lower carbon dioxide emissions (for the environment) and lower fuel expenditure (for your wallet).
Exceptional braking responsiveness: The tread design of the Bridgestone EP150 tyres consists of twin rib blocks linked together. This increases the contact patch and distributes the contact pressure more evenly, enhancing the braking responsiveness.
Dry handling: The innovative symmetric tread pattern of the Bridgestone EP150 tyres improves handling and grip on dry surface, increasing control on the car.
Wet performance: High angled lateral grooves are present on the central tread, which siphon off excess water, producing more deliberate wet traction and braking responsiveness.
Reduced noise levels: The surface of the tread blocks feature 3-D curves. These curves suppress noise generated by the tread due to wind and other factors. As a result, the Bridgestone EP 150 tyres deliver a quiet and peaceful ride at all times.

Most importantly, the Bridgestone EP150 tyres help you conserve the environment and planet earth for future generations.

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