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Aoteli Tyres

Part of the Chinese Shentai Group Co, Aoteli continues to grow in popularity and reputation within the budget tyre market.

Aoteli products have developed a reputation for quality and comply with the very strictest European standards.

Aoteli utilises the finest German, Japanese and Dutch engineering equipment for tyre manufacture - selling over 6 million tyres a year. Aoteli plans to expand their range, patterns and overall product offering.

We have reviews for the following patterns;

P307 (38)
P607 (37)


The Aoteli Ecolander ensures fantastic levels of performance at an affordable price. There are a number of performances benefits such as reduced braking distances, improved control and maximum levels of safety. In wet weather conditions, you can also be confident of optimum levels of performance due to the reduced risk of skidding or aquaplaning. Overall, you can be assured of high levels of performance to fit your budget if you were to purchase the Aoteli Ecolander.



The Aoteli Ecosaver tyre ensures fantastic performance at an affordable price. You can be assured of excellent levels of steering and responsiveness to ensure maximum control, no matter the weater conditions or road surface. The Aoteli Ecosaver also helps heighten comfort levels when driving due to a reduction in tyre noise levels. In order to ensure cost savings, the rolling resistance of the tyre has been reduced. Due to this, you now have the ability to travel for an increased number of miles.



The Aotelli Effivan tyres are summer tyres which offer fantastic all round performance. Superior grip levels help maximise levels of control and driver safety. Braking distances have also been significantly minimised, once again due to the fantastic grip levels of the Aotelli Effivan tyres. The rolling resistance has been reduced to allow for the ability to travel for an increased number of miles, resulting in significant cost savings.



The Aoteli P307 tyre is a fantastic performing tyre, offering excellent levels of control on both dry and wet road surfaces. In wet weather conditions, there may be a risk of losing control on wet road surfaces. The Aoteli P307 tyre helps reduce this risk to ensure maximum levels of safety. Noise levels have also been significantly minimised to ensure optimum levels of comfort when driving. Overall, you can be assured of excellent value for money if you were to purchase the Aoteli P307 tyre due to the high number of performance benefits.



The Aoteli P607 tyre helps dramatically improve comfort levels to enhance your overall driving experience. Noise and vibration levels have been reduced to ensure maximum levels of comfort, no matter the condition of the road or weather. This tyre helps improve handling and stability, particularly when cornering. On wet road surfaces, the risk of aquaplaning has been reduced to help maximise safety when driving.


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