What's the difference between Summer Tyres and All Season Tyres?

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There are 3 categories of tyres available on the market; Summer, Winter and All Season Tyres. Of course Summer tyres can still perform well throughout the Winter months, but many drivers are turning to All Season tyres as they perform excellent in all weather conditions and let’s face it our UK weather can be very unpredictable. One minute it’s hot, then it’s cold, so an All Season tyre makes sense.

all season tyres

Why do All Season tyres stand out amongst other seasonal tyres?

Tread depths on All Season tyres are more adaptable to all weather conditions, they have thicker tread depths than Summer tyres and slightly thinner tread depths than Winter tyres, which results in an increased tyre lifespan. The different compound and tread depth results in a more comfort ride, making these tyres very suitable for urban driving.

There are now lots of choices for All Season tyres, but this month we would like to take a look at Pirelli’s Cinturato All Season tyres.

Pirelli are a world leading tyre manufacturer and are dedicated to be ahead of the game in terms of technology and innovation.

Pirelli have designed their All Season tyres for drivers who don’t want to change their tyres every winter and summer, but want high performance reliable tyres for use in all weather conditions. Pirelli All Season tyres are practical and have great functionality.


Pirelli Cinturato All Season Tyres

The Cinturato All Season tyre is designed for city driving, it’s eco-friendly and very comfortable and comes with the latest Seal-Inside technology.

The puncture resistant technology allows you to continue driving even if your tyres have a lost in tyre air pressure, usually as a result of a tyre puncture, so there is no need to stop during the dark or if you find yourself in an unsafe location. The technology allows you to drive safely home or to a local garage, without compromising your vehicle control.

How Seal Inside works

When your tyre picks up a puncture, puncture resistant technology takes over, sealing mastic inside the tyre seals around the offending object, sealing the puncture. When the offending object is taken out, the sealing mastic plugs the hole and seals the edges.

Video – Pirelli Puncture Resistant Technology



Pirelli Cinturato All Season Plus Tyres

The Cinturato All Season Plus tyre replaced the Cinturato All Season, it is a premium performance tyre designed for city driving, the tyre’s new tread pattern has enhanced performance for all seasons, especially in the wet and snow, ensuring a safer drive.

This tyre also benefits from Seal Inside technology, ensuring maximum safety should you lose air pressure or pick up a tyre puncture.

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