What are the best Run Flat tyres?

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If you're shopping for new tyres, you might have heard about run-flat tyres. But what exactly are they, and which tyre is right for you?

In this blog post, we'll explore the basics of run-flat tyres, including what they are, how they're different from conventional tyres, and which tyre patterns offer the best performance.


What Are Run-Flat Tyres?

Run-flat tyres are designed to keep a vehicle rolling even after a puncture or other damage that would typically cause a conventional tyre to go flat. Unlike regular tyres, which lose air pressure when punctured, run-flat tyres are designed to provide temporary support for a vehicle even after losing air pressure.

How Do Run-Flat Tyres Work?

Run-flat tyres are engineered with reinforced sidewalls that provide support even when the tyre is deflated. This allows the driver to continue driving on the tyre for a limited distance at a reduced speed until reaching a garage for a repair or replacement.

Some run-flat tyres also feature a special "self-sealing" layer that can patch small punctures as they occur, reducing the risk of a tyre failure or blowout.

Which Run-Flat Tyres Are the Best?

If you’re looking for a run-flat tyre that offers great value for money, we have the Autogreen Super Sport Chaser SSC5. This budget run-flat tyre offers the same technology as all the premium run-flat tyres but at a cheaper price point. With an average score of 8/10 from over 1800 customer reviews, this tyre is an excellent all-rounder and will work well for your vehicle in any condition. To purchase the Super Sport Chaser SSC5, click the button below.

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For mid-range run-flat tyres, the Hankook Ventus Evo 3 offers excellent performance in wet and dry conditions, alongside great run-flat performance in the event of a puncture. They also offer great fuel efficiency, alongside being an extra load tyre, meaning the tyre can carry heavier vehicles as well. To purchase the tyre for your car, click the link below.

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For premium run-flat tyres, the Pirelli Cinturato P7 offers excellent levels of grip and traction, especially in summer. The run flat technology within this tyre will allow you to drive a short distance in the event of a puncture, helping you reach a local branch for repair or replacement.

The Cinturato P7 boasts an impressive average rating of 8.3/10 from over 600 reviews, showing ultimate performance in any weather. To purchase the tyre, click the link below.

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What Are the Advantages of Run-Flat Tyres?

Run-flat tyres offer several advantages over conventional tyres. For one, they provide added peace of mind by reducing the risk of getting stranded on the side of the road with a flat tyre. They also eliminate the need for a spare tyre, which can free up valuable trunk space and reduce vehicle weight.

Run-flat tyres are also popular among performance car enthusiasts, as they can provide improved handling and stability in emergency situations where a conventional tyre might fail.

What Are the Disadvantages of Run-Flat Tyres?

While run-flat tyres offer many benefits, they also have some downsides. For one, they tend to be more expensive than conventional tyres, and they may wear out more quickly due to their reinforced construction.

Some drivers also find that run-flat tyres offer a harsher ride quality than conventional tyres, due to their stiffer sidewalls.

To see our full range of run-flat tyres, and to find the right one for your vehicle, click the link below.

Run-Flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres are a unique type of tyre that offer several advantages over conventional tyres, including added safety and performance benefits. Ultimately, the decision of whether to use run-flat tyres depends on your individual needs and preferences as a driver.

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