The new Avon AS7 All-Season tyre - engineered in the UK

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Mid-range tyre manufacturer Avon tyres have announced that the Avon AS7 will be the latest tyre to be added to their all-season tyre range. All-season tyres are an extremely popular choice for UK drivers, offering a number of positive characteristics all year round, no matter the weather, such as improved grip, durability and rolling resistance.

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Avon tyres are one of the most popular mid-range and affordable tyre manufacturers- their tyres are also engineered in the UK. Avon have designed the Avon AS7 to cope with the demanding weather conditions all year round. Avon tyres are a fantastic mid-range alternative for UK drivers and have had a number of extremely successful tyres over recent years such as Avon ZV7 and Avon ZZ5 to name a few. We are certain that the new Avon AS7 will be no different and will be an excellent tyre choice for UK drivers.

There are many fantastic features of the new Avon AS7 tyre which we will be discussing below.

Improved Wet Weather Performance

The new Avon AS7 underwent thorough research and development before being announced. This was to ensure they manufactured their best all-season tyre yet. Wet weather performance has achieved an excellent 'B' EU tyre label rating. Due to the tyre compound used, water will be effectively dispersed from the sipes to guarantee improved and safe performance levels on wet road surfaces.

New tyre technology

Avon tyres have used the lastest technology when it comes to all-season silica and resin to ensure that tyre grip levels are improved over a variety of different temperatures. This is to ensure optimum performance levels all-year-round. If you are driving in hot weather, the Avon AS7 will do a great job, same goes for cold or rainy conditions.

Designed and developed in the UK

The new Avon AS7 tyre was designed and developed in the UK. Avon's headquarters is based in Melksham and is the hub to many of the UK tyre market's brightest minds. Over 2021, the AS7 will be released in 35 different sizes. Ranging from 15-inch up to 19-inch rims.

Gavin Edwards, who is General Manager at Avon's European Technical Centre, stated that the Avon AS7 will offer UK drivers "the best of both worlds". Here at National Tyres, we cannot wait for the Avon AS7 to be released into our branches- it is a tyre that we are very excited about.

You will be able to purchase the new Avon AS7 directly at your local National Tyres and Autocare. You will also be able to purchase via the National Tyres website and get the tyres fitted at either a National branch local to you or take advantage of our mobile tyre-fitting offering. Remember, we also offer Payment Assist, which spreads your payments over six months. 

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