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Are you looking to scrap your car? Has your car failed its MOT and you don't think that it's worthwhile paying for the repairs? If this is the case, instead of selling privately on sites such as Auto Trader, you may want to look at scrapping your car for cash. 

how to scrap a car

The Benefits 

There are many benefits if you are looking at scrapping your car. Firstly, you will be able to get rid of the unwanted vehicle from your property. It is free to scrap your car and you will also get paid for your vehicle. This will remove the hassle of trying to sell your vehicle privately. 

The Process

First off, you will need to make sure that your vehicle is being scrapped at an authorised treatment facility, this is often referred to as an ATF. There are then two options- you will need to decide whether you want to keep any of the vehicle parts.

Scrap my car: Keep some of the parts

  • Inform the DVLA that your vehicle is off-road. They will then SORN your vehicle. You can then proceed to remove parts from the vehicle. However, as the vehicle is marked off-road this must be done on private land (or a garage or driveway) and not on a public road.
  • If you want to keep your vehicle registration number (VRN) you can apply to take this off the vehicle.
  • Contact an AFT and let them know you are wanting to scrap your vehicle. Some companies have a collection service where they will come and collect/tow the vehicle from you. If you have moved any parts, then there may be a fee involved. A fee is usually involved when the essential parts of a vehicle have been removed such as the wheels or engine.
  • Make sure that you hand over your vehicle log book (V5C) to the ATF who are scrapping your vehicle.
  • Inform the DVLA that your vehicle has been taken to an AFT.

Scrap my car: I don't want to keep any of the parts

Find your nearest vehicle scrapyard

By clicking the green button below, you can find your local vehicle scrapyard. The AFT can then decide whether they want to completely scrap your vehicle or whether they want to try and repair your vehicle and sell it. If you are scrapping a car or van, you will be provided with a certificate of destruction as proof. Without the certificate of destruction, you may still be liable for car tax.  You will then need to enter your postcode and follow the instructions. Please note, the link below will take you to the website.

Find your local scrapyard

How much money do you get when scrapping a car?

According to, when you are looking at scrapping your vehicle, the authorised treatment facility will pay you the scrap value of your vehicle. This price will depend on the type of vehicle.

Book an MOT

The reason why many vehicles are scrapped is due to the fact that they have failed their MOT. An MOT is a legal requirement and you are breaking the law if you are caught driving without an MOT. At National, we offer a FREE MOT Reminder Service for our customers to ensure you never miss your MOT due date. To book an MOT at one of your local National MOT testing centres, please click on the link below.

Book Now

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