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Westlake Tyres

With a history stretching back over 50 years, Westlake manufacture top quality tyres, confidently treading roads throughout Europe, North America and beyond. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that has earned several awards, including recognition from the Economic Commission of Europe, Westlake tyres are internationally recognised for their superb quality, reliability and value for money.

Westlake substantially invest in R&D to constantly improve and expand their line of products, with strict quality control measures on each and every tyre. Westlake have also worked in collaboration with premium tyre manufacturers such as Goodyear and Yokohama, combining the latest in research, innovation and technology to ensure that product development results in truly superior tyre products.

We have reviews for the following patterns;

Westlake SP06 (281)
Westlake RP28 (251)
Westlake SV308 XL (217)
Westlake SA05 XL (64)
Westlake SA07 XL (50)
Westlake RP18 (47)
Westlake H170 (45)
Westlake H120 (35)
Westlake SA37 XL (32)
Westlake SC328 (27)
Westlake SA07 (22)
Westlake SV308 (19)
Westlake SU318 (16)
Westlake RVH680 (14)
Westlake SA05 (13)
Westlake SA37 (8)
Westlake SC301 (5)
Westlake H550A (4)
Westlake RP26 (3)
Westlake SL309 (3)
Westlake SU307 (2)
Westlake SL369 (1)

Westlake RP18

Overall, the Westlake RP18 tyre is a fantastic value for money proposition. In wet and difficult conditions, the risk of aquaplaning has been reduced significantly. Due to this, you can feel confident driving in difficult, rainy conditions. Braking distances have been minimised to improve overall driver safety. The Westlake RP18 tyre also allows for maximum control when driving, no matter how difficult the road surface may be. The fantastic grip levels also help increase the steering responsiveness on both dry and wet road surfaces.


Westlake RP28

The Westlake RP28 tyre offers excellent overall performance. The tyre ensures the perfect combination between outstanding performance and excellent safety levels, in both dry and wet conditions. Traction with the road surface has been significantly improved to ensure maximum levels of control. In wet conditions, the grooves within the tyre help effectively disperse surface water to reduce the risk of aquaplaning.


Westlake SA07

Enhance your driving experience with Westlake’s SA07 all season performance tyres. Designed for today’s performance enhanced vehicles, you can be assured of an excellent overall performance. Handling has been dramatically enhanced, on both dry and wet road surfaces. You can also feel comfortable on difficult road surfaces as the Westlake SA07 tyres help ensure maximum stability, especially when cornering.


Westlake SA07 XL


Westlake SA37

The Westlake SA37 tyre is a summer tyre at an affordable price. Braking distances have been reduced on dry road surfaces to ensure maximum control when driving. In terms of handling, the Westlake SA37 help improve steering responsiveness, no matter the weather conditions. Comfort levels are also drastically increased. This is due to the a reduction in tyre noise levels to ensure a smooth, relaxing and comfortable driving experience in all weather conditions.


Westlake SC328

Overall, the Westlake SC328 tyres offer excellent all-round performance. In wet conditions, the risk of aquaplaning and losing control has been dramatically reduced thanks to superior levels of grip. You can be certain if you were to purchase the Westlake SC328 tyres that you would gain excellent value for money due to the improved tyre longevity. Braking distances have also been minimised to ensure maximum safety when driving, no matter the conditions.


Westlake SL309

The Westlake SL309 all-season light truck tyre is designed for vans, pickups, SUVs, as well as commercial light truck applications. These tyres combine all-season traction and heavy-duty load range capabilities. The Westlake SL309 tyre helps deliver a smooth quiet ride along with traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions. Overall, you can be certain of fantastic performance all year round, no matter the road surface or weather conditions.


Westlake SU318

The all-season Westlake all-season SU318 is designed for a variety of everyday touring applications. Quad-circumferential grooves promote excellent lateral traction and improved handling to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and responsive ride. While the  tread and siping design offers improved all-season traction to assist you year round as you navigate dry, wet, or snowy driving conditions.


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