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Westlake Tyres

With a history stretching back over 50 years, Westlake manufacture top quality tyres, confidently treading roads throughout Europe, North America and beyond. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that has earned several awards, including recognition from the Economic Commission of Europe, Westlake tyres are internationally recognised for their superb quality, reliability and value for money.

Westlake substantially invest in R&D to constantly improve and expand their line of products, with strict quality control measures on each and every tyre. Westlake have also worked in collaboration with premium tyre manufacturers such as Goodyear and Yokohama, combining the latest in research, innovation and technology to ensure that product development results in truly superior tyre products.

We have reviews for the following patterns;

Westlake SP06 (253)
Westlake RP28 (175)
Westlake SV308 XL (159)
Westlake SA05 XL (61)
Westlake H170 (37)
Westlake H120 (29)
Westlake SA07 XL (27)
Westlake RP18 (16)
Westlake SA07 (13)
Westlake SA05 (12)
Westlake RVH680 (9)
Westlake SU318 (9)
Westlake SC328 (7)
Westlake SA37 XL (6)
Westlake SC301 (5)
Westlake SV308 (4)
Westlake SL309 (2)
Westlake RP26 (2)
Westlake H550A (2)
Westlake SA37 (1)
Westlake SU307 (1)

Westlake H170


Westlake RP18


Westlake RP28


Westlake RVH680

Westlake RVH680 Tyres – Perfection in Passenger Tyres

The Westlake RVH680 tyres from Westlake Tyres are not merely passenger car tyres, but you can call them ‘perfection in passenger car tyres’.

Westlake Tyres, a China based manufacturer, has been operating in the global tyre market for the past five decades now. With an impressively broad range of tyres for all applications including commercial tyres and trailer tyres, Westlake Tyres is also the manufacturer of the popular Westlake SP06 tyres for cars and minivans.

The Westlake RVH680 tyres are passenger car tyres specifically for summer. They need to be replaced during winters as they are not designed to provide the requisite traction on snow and ice. But if you are looking for the perfect drive in summer, the Westlake RVH680 tyres surely will not disappoint you.

Westlake RVH680 Tyres Tread Pattern


The Westlake RVH680 tyres exhibit a symmetrical tread pattern, which means that the tread design on either side of the central tyre rib is identical. There are pronounced sipes present on the inner and outer tyre shoulders, which contribute to better grip and enhance the traction levels. Thus braking responsiveness is greatly enhanced. So you can drive more confidently, knowing that stopping distances will be significantly shorter.

The enhanced traction also contributes to increasing the steering responsiveness, making for a more exhilarating drive.

Westlake RVH680 Tyres – Wet Safety

The presence of wide circumferential grooves causes effective drainage of water from the tyre tread improving safety dramatically on wet surfaces and the reducing the chances of loss of control due to skidding.

Westlake RVH680 Tyres – Noise Levels

The singular tread pattern of the Westlake RVH680 tyres minimises noise levels significantly, creating a pleasant and comfortable drive for you. An innovative technology called ‘multi-pitch sequencing’ is used for this purpose. Many a family trip (or work commute) is ruined due to the incessant accompanying tyre noise. Rest assured, with the Westlake RVH680 tyres, you will not have this issue to deal with.

Available Sizes

The Westlake RVH680 tyres are available in a wide range of sizes for fitting 14, 15 and 16 inch alloys. Of course, these are the typical passenger car tyre sizes. The tyres diameter ranges from 185mm to a maximum of 215mm. The profile height is 50, 55, 60 or 65 mm.

Features and Benefits of Westlake RVH680 Tyres

  • One of the best tyres for your passenger car from the aspect of safety as well as performance.
  • Greater assurance of safety due to the increased braking responsiveness.
  • Improved wet safety levels ensure that your driving confidence remains unshaken even during wet weather.
  • A far more comfortable ride due to the reduced tyre noise levels.
  • The ride vibrations are effectively absorbed, making for a smooth ride.


Westlake SA07


Westlake SA07 XL


Westlake SA37


Westlake SA37 XL


Westlake SC301


Westlake SC328


Westlake SL305


Westlake SL309


Westlake SL369


Westlake SP06

Westlake SP06 Tyres – All Season Driving Performance & Comfort….Delivered

When you are looking for superior driving comfort and excellent performance all year round, the Westlake SP06 tyres are one of the best options for you. Manufactured by Chinese tyre manufacturer Westlake Tyres, the Westlake SP06 tyres are popular touring tyres available in sizes for cars and minivans.

To those familiar with the global tyre market, Westlake Tyres needs no introduction. Having been in existence for close to half a century, Westlake Tyres has a presence in practically all tyre sectors. The popular Westlake RVH680 tyres for the passenger car segment are part of Westlake Tyres’ wide and impressive product portfolio.

Westlake SP06 Tyres- Impressive Performance on all Fronts

Westlake Tyres has an excellent track record in R&D investment resulting in innovative tyre technologies. The Westlake SP06 tyres, being the flagship product of the company naturally are endowed with superior technologies and consequently deliver superior performance on all fronts.

  • Steering Responsiveness

The irregular tread design of the Westlake SP06 tyres comprises several thin, but effective sipes. These sipes dig into the surface, enhancing traction and steering responsiveness. You will thus experience a smooth drive at all times, including while negotiating those tricky corners.

  • Safety on Wet Surface

The Westlake SP06 tyres contain 4 wide circumferential grooves which effectively perform the task of displacing water from the tread surface. Thus the area of contact with wet surface increases, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and minimising the chances of skidding on wet surfaces.

  • Reduced Noise Levels

The multi-pitch tread pattern of the Westlake SP06 tyres significantly reduces tyre noise levels. The presence of the tiny sipes also serves to muffle road noise, resulting in an overall quiet and peaceful ride.

  • High Speed Stability

The central rib of the Westlake SP06 tyre is long and solid and contributes much to keeping you stable on the roads. Even at high speeds, stability remains uncompromised, and you can drive ahead with confidence and peace of mind.

  • High Wear Resistance

The Westlake SP06 tyres are designed to minimise irregular tread wear. This increases the life of the tyres, making the tyres definitely value for money in the long run.


Westlake SU307


Westlake SU318


Westlake SV308 XL

Westlake SV308 XL Tyres: High Performance Tyres for High Load Vehicles for the Highway

The Westlake SV308 XL tyres are load reinforced tyres for heavier vehicles and/or vehicles carrying heavy loads. These are high performance tyres brought to you by Westlake Tyres and particularly suitable for highway driving.

The Westlake SV308 XL tyres differ from the standard Westlake SV308 tyres in having stiffer sidewalls so that they can better support heavier loads.

These are exclusive summer tyres and are not suitable for use in winter on ice and snow.

Westlake SV308 XL Tyres – Unique Features

The Westlake SV308 XL tyres have the following unique features which support their high performance.

  • Unidirectional Tread Pattern

The Westlake SV308 XL tyres have a unique V-shaped unidirectional tread pattern. This tread pattern contributes towards stability at high speeds and enhances the steering responsiveness. You experience maximum cornering stability and can make those treacherous turns without a moment’s anxiety.

  • Dual Circumferential Grooves

The tread pattern of the Westlake SV308 XL tyres shows the presence of two circumferential grooves that serve to drain the water away from the tread surface. This contributes to superior and uninterrupted highway performance with reduced risk of aquaplaning and greater confidence in tackling wet surfaces.

  • Silica Reinforced Tread Compound

In the Westlake SV308 XL tyres tread compound, traditional carbon black is substituted with silica. This helps reduce the rolling resistance of the tyres, not only making them more environment friendly, but also reduces the fuel costs significantly.

Additionally, this tread compound increases the traction levels, making the tyres more responsive to braking. As a result, stopping distances while applying brakes are greatly reduced, further enhancing the safety of your drive.

Westlake SV308 XL Tyres – Available Sizes

You can find the Westlake SV308 XL tyres in sizes to fit them on larger alloy rims of 16 and 17 inches. The tyre profile ranges from 45 to 55mm. And the tyre diameter is in the range of 205 to 225 mm.

Be sure to opt for the Westlake SV308 XL tyres if your day to day highway driving involves heavy loads – either passenger or cargo. These tyres can be inflated to higher pressure levels and can thus support heavier loads better than the standard tyres.

Features and Benefits of Westlake SV308 XL Tyres

  • One of the best choices for superior highway performance for high load vehicles.
  • Superior wet safety ensures driving confidence in spite of wet weather.
  • Reduced stopping distances put you at ease while driving as you know that your brakes will respond instantaneously to your commands.
  • Do your bit for the environment by reducing the carbon dioxide emissions on account of the lowered rolling resistance. And the reward for this good deed is savings on your fuel bills.


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