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Ultra-high performance from Toyo TOYO PROXES 4

Toyo Proxes 4



Toyo Proxes 4 Tyres – Ultra High Performance Tyres for Sports and Luxury Saloons

The Toyo Proxes 4 tyres from Toyo Tyres are aggressive ultra high performance tyres that perfectly meet the requirements of performance oriented sports and luxury saloons.

Toyo Tyres are also the manufacturers of the popular Toyo 350 tyres, one of the best value-for-money options for small to compact passenger cars.

Toyo Proxes 4 Tyres – A Favourite in the Tuning Market

All Toyo Proxes tyres are known for their attractive tread patterns. The Toyo Proxes 4 tyres are no different. Speed aficionados are always on the look out for the right tyres that support their tuned up performance levels, and which look good too. For, in this niche, looks are as important as performance. The Toyo Proxes 4 tyres deliver exceptionally well on both parameters, so unsurprisingly, they are extremely popular for ‘tuned up’ applications.

Toyo Proxes 4 Tyres – General Overview

The Toyo Proxes 4 tyres are all-season M&S rated tyres, suitable for use on snow and muddy surfaces. They are available in 15-19 inch alloy fitments with speed rating of V and W. The tyres deliver exceptional handling on wet and dry surfaces. The silica intensive tread compound has high grip properties, enhancing traction and braking responsiveness on all surfaces.

Toyo Proxes 4 Tyres – Performance


  • Exceptional Handling Characteristics

The Toyo Proxes 4 tyres exhibit an aggressive and attractive W shaped tread pattern, which provides the perfect balance between wet handling and dry performance. You can look forward to precise steering responsiveness that makes even the trickiest manoeuvres effortless, enhancing the driving pleasure significantly.

The rib centre is curved, which contributes to directional stability.

  • Superb Wet Safety

High end computer simulation has created exaggerated angles in the tread grooves, which evacuate water effectively, preventing their accumulation within the grooves. This enhances wet safety and handling significantly, irrespective of speed.

  • Enhanced Ride Comfort

The presence of multi-wave sipes on the tread pattern of the Toyo Proxes 4 tyres reduces noise levels and minimises irregular tread wear. As a result, the tyres last much longer compared to other tyres in this category. The sipes are also responsible for absorbing much of the vibrations of the ride, resulting in a more smooth and comfortable drive experience.

Features and Benefits of the Toyo Proxes 4 Tyres

  • Ultra high performance tyres backed by high end technology to deliver a sporty riding experience.
  • Superior stability and handling responsiveness enhances driving confidence and makes driving more pleasurable.
  • You can look forward to a quiet and smooth ride at all times.
  • Enhanced wet performance gives you the confidence to move on at high speed even on slippery surfaces.
  • All-season tread and enhanced tyre durability have cost saving benefits.
Below are Toyo Proxes 4 tyre reviews and ratings
Rated 8.6 out of 10 based on 8 customer reviews.
Grip in the dry 9
Grip in the wet 8
Steering responsiveness 9
Cornering Stability 9
Resistance to Aquaplaning 8
Tread wear versus mileage 8
Resistance to Aquaplaning 9
Noise level 9
Quality versus price 9
General appearance / tread pattern 9
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