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Barum Tyres

Barum is a mid range brand offering value for money without compromising on quality.

Highly commended by Auto Express magazine for its performance against other better known brands, you can be assured that Barum won't let you down, whatever your driving requirements.

National is an official stockist of the Barum brand which includes car, van and 4x4 tyres. With a range of tyres suitable for every day, high performance and executive motoring, Barum is a definite all-round performer.

We have reviews for the following patterns;

Bravuris 2 (608)
Bravuris 3HM (510)
Brillantis 2 (377)
Vanis 2 (23)
Vanis (17)
Bravuris 4x4 (13)
Brillantis (3)

Bravuris 2

The Barum Bravuris 2 tyres are associated with maximum traction and braking power including reduced braking distances.

Vehicles suited for: Due to the greater tyre pressure higher loads can be supported. Therefore these tyres are suitable for heavier performance enhanced cars and sedans.
Braking response: The asymmetric tread design increases the traction on wet and dry surfaces, leading to exceptional braking response. The tyres also offer reduced stopping distances, which is extremely crucial for safety.
Increased cornering and handling stability: On the inner side, the tyres are equipped with an increased number of tread blocks. The placements of these blocks ensure maximum handling stability.
Reduced risk of skidding on wet roads: The tread pattern incorporates wide circumferential grooves that enable greater water evacuation from under the tyres. This reduces the risk of skidding on wet roads.
Wear characteristics: The tyres offer maximum tyre durability by incorporating two steel belts into the tyre tread to ensure greater durability.
Size availability: The tyres are suitable for 15- 20 inch wheel fitments and are available in a variety of sizes. The tyre tread design reduces risk of aquaplaning significantly, enhancing wet weather performance.


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Bravuris 3HM

The Bravuris 3HM tyres are summer tyres suited for sports utility vehicles.  As well as offering extraordinary value for money, these tyres also have high mileage characteristics.

Enhanced tyre longevity: Rubber abrasion and wear is kept to a minimum due to the flat belt contour incorporated into the tread. This improves the tyre life while ensuring the possibility for increased mileage.
Precise handling capabilities: Due to the excellent directional stability the vehicle’s handling is enhanced. This results in added control and comfort when driving.
Braking responsiveness: On wet surfaces braking distances are vastly reduced, ensuring resistance against aquaplaning.  

  • Maximum control in wet conditions
  • Enhanced steering responsiveness due to improved handling characteristics
  • Provides precise grip at high speeds in dry and wet conditions
  • Outstanding water dispersion to reduce aquaplaning risk
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Bravuris 4x4

The Barum Bravuris 4x4 tyres are summer tyres suited for heavier high performance SUVs.

Grip and braking: The tread compound has intrinsically high wet grip properties. This results in effective braking and shorter stopping distances on wet and dry surfaces.
Steering responsiveness: The tyre design and stiff tread pattern allow for sharper responsiveness to steering commands. This ensures maximum manoeuvrability and control at all speeds and surfaces.
Wet performance: Present on the central part of the tread are four wide circumferential grooves. These grooves form an effective system that channels away the water both laterally and longitudinally.
Noise levels: To improve your comfort, noise levels are reduced by the angle and placements of the lugs and sipes.
Durability and economy: The tyre design evenly distributes the contact pressure and maximises the contact patch. This results in greater mileage and longer tyre life.


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Brillantis 2

The Barum Brillantis 2 tyres are summer tyres suited for small to medium cars that frequently carry heavy loads.

Performance on wet roads: The grooves and sipes efficiently deflect water from the surface, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and improving grip and safety on wet roads.
Performance on dry roads: The lugs enable precise transmission of power to the tyres during steering manoeuvres. This enhances the steering responsiveness significantly, particularly during cornering.
Braking performance: Improved traction properties enhance the braking response at all speeds and on all surfaces.
Extended tyre life: A proprietary flat belt system incorporated into the tread design creates a flatter contact patch. This enables the contact pressure to be distributed evenly along the tread. Due to this the tyre life is extended significantly which prevents uneven tread wear.
Noise levels: In order to improve comfort, the angle of the lugs and placement of the sipes are optimised to reduce noise levels.

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OR56 Cargo

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The Barum Vanis tyres are high performance van tyres that provide a quiet, comfortable, and safe drive at affordable prices.

Performance in wet weather: The tread design contains three wide central grooves that run along the circumference of the tyre. The grooves efficiently deflect water from the under tread, keeping the contact patch water-free.
Handling characteristics: The tyres display robust lugs on the tyre shoulders which preserve tread rigidity. As a result there is a more precise transmission of steering commands to the tyres. This leads to superior handling characteristics which ensures greater control over your van.
Grip: The angled grooves provide excellent traction and grip when the van is loaded to full capacity.
Noise levels: The length and the number of tread blocks vary between the tyre centre and shoulders. This helps in reducing the rolling noise, which results in a quiet and peaceful ride.
Tyre longevity: The sturdy tyre tread makes the tyre more resistant to tread wear and other damage.

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Vanis 2

The Vanis 2 tyres are high performance van tyres associated with high mileage and braking responsiveness, including reduced braking distances. These economical tyres offer excellent safety with much improved tyre longevity, ensuring an increase in mileage.

Reduced risk of aquaplaning: Water is efficiently drained due to three wide circumferential grooves. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions. This is aimed at improving driver safety and comfort when driving.
Extended tyre life:  Due to the long tyre longevity you can guarantee an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. The safety of the tyre has been improved to ensure you can feel confident driving in all conditions.
Improved braking responsiveness: To improve safety, braking distances on both dry and wet surfaces are reduced.  Due to the increased responsiveness of braking, you can be assured of a comfortable drive in wet or difficult conditions.
Reduced noise levels:  There is an increase in quality and comfort due to reduced external noise levels. You can be certain of an improved driving experience by the reduction of tyre noise, which will result in an enhanced quality of drive.
Grip levels: When the van is loaded to maximum capacity, excellent traction is provided due to the angled grooves. This will improve your overall driving experience while ensuring a comfortable and stable drive.

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