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Ultra-high performance from Yokohama A.DRIVE



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The biggest challenge to overcome in driving is the lack of confidence. When your tyres boost your confidence there is nothing that stops you from enjoying your drive thoroughly. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Yokohama ADrive tyres, the ‘grip experts’ that keep you firmly on the road, irrespective of surface conditions and thus increase your driving confidence. The Yokohama ADrive tyres are brought to you from Japan based Yokohama Tyres. These tyres are suitable for small family cars, but the company has presence in all tyre market niches including tyres for saloons, SUVs and off road vehicles. The Yokohama Advan Sport tyres, for instance, are popular in the ultra high performance segment.

Maximised grip levels: The inclusion of silica in the tread compound maximises tyre grip levels. But the problem is that silica does not mix well with carbon black, the predominant constituent of the tread compound, resulting in a grip that becomes ineffectual as the temperature changes. Yokohama engineers have overcome this problem by developing a special compound called ZERUMA that effectively disperses silica throughout the tread compound. Thus the tyre grip is unwavering under all surface conditions – wet or dry.
Fantastic safety on wet road surfaces: Here, it is the interestingly named ‘Aqua Proof’ tread design that saves the day. Consisting of triple wide straight grooves that evacuate water from the tread surface rapidly, the Yokohama ADrive tyres greatly minimise the risk of aquaplaning. Thus the chances of skidding on wet surface are very low.
Slim-long design offers world class performance: All the performance features of the Yokohama ADrive tyres are further enhanced due to the ‘Slim-Long’ internal tyre construction design. This particular design ensures optimal contact between the tyre and the surface, evenly distributing the contact pressure. Also the grip and water evacuation properties of the tyres are enhanced due to this design.
Reduced tyre noise levels: The advanced tread design of the Yokohama ADrive tyres with 5 Pitch Variable technology reduces tyre noise levels, making for a quiet and comfortable drive.

Yokohama Tyres has always been known for investing in research and development resulting in innovative tyre technologies that eventually offer maximum benefits to their customers. The Yokohama ADrive tyres are no different. Armed with multiple ground breaking technologies, these tyres power ahead, giving you one of the safest, most comfortable and high performance driving experiences.

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