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Goodyear Eagle NCT5 tyres

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Ultra-high performance from Goodyear EAGLE NCT5

The Goodyear NCT5 tyres from Goodyear Tyres are performance intensive tyres catering to saloons and passenger vehicles. But along with delivering high performance levels, these tyres also deliver a peaceful ride as they are equipped with features and technologies that minimise tyre noise generation. Goodyear Tyres, one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers is known for its innovative tyre technologies which deliver maximum value to customers. Some of the most popular Goodyear products include the Goodyear DuraGrip tyres for small to medium city cars and the Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres for larger sports cars and saloons. Both these tyres enhance the fuel efficiency and the Goodyear NCT5 tyres are also associated with increasing the fuel efficiency. The Goodyear NCT5 tyres are classified as ‘grand touring summer ‘ tyres and are not suitable in conditions when the temperature dips below 7 degrees Celsius.

Asymmetric tread pattern: The asymmetric tread pattern of the Goodyear NCT5 tyres comprises radial shoulder blades that maximise grip on dry surface. The blades also contribute to enhanced lateral stability, even while cornering at high speeds. Moving towards the central tread area, the Goodyear NCT5 tyres are equipped with extra-large central grooves, which efficiently and effectively deflect water from the tread area to provide high aquaplaning resistance. Also the central grooves are provided with diagonal blades, which further enhance the wet traction and stability, assuring you of maximum safety on wet surfaces.Thus the Goodyear NCT5 tyres offer optimal balanced performance on wet and dry without one compromising the other.
Enhanced fuel efficiency: Equipped with a silica based tread compound that lowers rolling resistance, the Goodyear NCT5 tyres reduce fuel consumption and enhance fuel efficiency. The presence of lateral groove humps in the tyre tread also contributes to boosting fuel efficiency.
Low ride noise: The arrangement of the radial blades on the outer shoulder is computer optimised to minimise external noise levels, resulting in a quiet, comfortable ride.

The Goodyear NCT5 tyres grip very well on all surfaces- wet and dry so that you are in absolute control of the vehicle at all times. The steering responsiveness is precise, giving you an almost sporty feel, without compromising on ride comfort. And this is made possible due to the asymmetric tread design of these tyres.

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Below are Eagle NCT5 tyre reviews and ratings
Rated 7.6 out of 10 based on 12 customer reviews.
Grip in the dry 9
Grip in the wet 8
Steering responsiveness 9
Cornering Stability 9
Resistance to Aquaplaning 8
Tread wear versus mileage 8
Ride comfort and smoothness 8
Noise level 8
Quality versus price 8
General appearance / tread pattern 9

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