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SP Sport 9000

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Ultra-high performance from Dunlop SP SPORT 9000

The Dunlop SP9000 tyres are high performance summer tyres guaranteed to deliver blistering performance on road for high performance sports coupes, sports cars and high end performance saloons. Coming from the highly reputed and prestigious Dunlop Tyres stable, the Dunlop SP9000 tyres are one of the most popular tyres in the ultra-high performance tyres category. The Dunlop SP tyre range boasts of several high performance tyres including the popular Dunlop SP3000 tyres that are factory fitted on the Ford XR8 and XR6 models. 

Compound technology: The Dunlop SP9000 tyres tread is composed of Dunlop’s proprietary Silica Plus compound. This compound enhances traction and grip levels.As a result acceleration and braking responsiveness is maximised enabling you to experience the thrill of blistering performance with the assured confidence of reduced braking distances. Stability while cornering is greatly increased.
Reduced rolling resistance: Decreased rolling resistance is of course directly related to more efficient fuel utilisation resulting in reduced fuel bills.
Greater wear resistance: The long wearing tread compound enhances durability of the Dunlop SP9000 tyres, extending the tyre life significantly.
Jointless band technology: This technology reinforces the tyre structure from within the twin steel belts and spiral nylon wrapping. So the tyre distortions are minimal at all speeds, conferring higher stability at higher speeds.
Noise reducing tread pattern: The tread design of the Dunlop SP9000 tyres minimises external and internal noise levels and also absorbs much of the vibrations of the ride. You can thus experience a quiet and comfortable drive.

The single most distinctive feature of the Dunlop SP9000 tyres is their unique V-shaped directional tread pattern. This has a ‘sweep effect’ and sharply sluices away water on the surface even under the heaviest rain conditions. This confers high levels of wet control and stability. Also called the ‘HydroMax’ tread pattern, the tyres exhibit maximum aquaplaning resistance, completely eliminating the risk of skidding on wet surface.

This pattern may have options that are suited for Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Chrysler, Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz or BMW vehicles. This pattern may have extra-load capabilities or be available as a Run Flat. Please check for the appropriate symbols in the tyre search results.

Below are SP Sport 9000 tyre reviews and ratings
Rated 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 customer reviews.
Grip in the dry 9
Grip in the wet 9
Steering responsiveness 9
Cornering Stability 9
Resistance to Aquaplaning 9
Tread wear versus mileage 9
Resistance to Aquaplaning 9
Noise level 9
Quality versus price 9
General appearance / tread pattern 9

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They are good branded tyres.

They are expenssive. I couid have the same quality cheaper.

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