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Ultra-high performance from Continental CONTINENTAL VANCO CAMPER


Continental Vanco Camper Tyres – the Best Choice for Your Motorhome

The Continental Vanco Camper tyres from Continental Tyres are one of the best choices for motorhome tyres. Caravanning holidays, either alone or with the family are great fun. And the Continental Vanco Camper tyres are an essential component of your holiday mix.

The Continental Vanco Camper tyres are part of Continental’s Vanco tyre range that comprises tyres exclusively for vans. One of the most popular tyres, commonly used in commercial vans, the Continental Vanco Contact 2 tyres are part of this range.

Need for Continental Vanco Camper Tyres

The single most important criterion which motorhome tyres have to meet is their ability to support heavy weights. Motorhomes by themselves are heavy and naturally carry heavy loads. Hence regular van tyres, unless they have high load rating index are unsuitable for motorhomes.

The Continental Vanco Camper tyres have reinforced sidewalls. As a result, they can be inflated to higher pressures, required for supporting these heavy load vehicles. Also the toughened sidewall lends an overall stability to the vehicle, keeping it from swaying particularly while cornering.

Continental Vanco Camper Tyres – Unique Features

The Continental Vanco Camper tyres comply with the CP tyre standard, which is a pressure requirement standard specifically laid down for camping tyres. In fact CP stands for Camping Pneu and specifies the pressure capacity that camping tyres should adhere to. With the Continental Vanco Camper tyres, you get support up to 5 bars of pressure that plays an important role in maintaining vehicle stability, even when the rear load is high.

Continental Vanco Camper Tyres- Performance

As the motorhome tyres of choice, the Continental Vanco Camper tyres perform well in areas of safety, aquaplaning resistance, fuel economy and tyre durability.

  • Safety

Because of the reinforced sidewall design and greater pressure support, the Continental Vanco Camper tyres not only keep the vehicles stable, but also facilitate their stopping within shorter distances, enhancing safety.

The tyres incorporate a symmetrical tread pattern, which enhances aquaplaning resistance and keeps you safe on wet surfaces too.

  • Tyre Durability

The Continental Vanco Camper tyres are internally reinforced with twin belts and the overall toughened carcass makes the tyre more resistant to cuts and abrasions and other exterior impacts, even under conditions of overloading. This increases tyre durability significantly.

Also the superior inner tyre lining maintains high levels of air tightness and further contributes to extended tyre life.

  • Mileage Performance

The Continental Vanco Camper tyres are associated with high mileage performance and fuel efficiency.

Features and Benefits of the Continental Vanco Camper Tyres

  • Assured safety and stability while driving heavy motorhomes, helping you relax and enjoy your holiday without any anxiety.
  • A spot of rain need not affect your plans as the tyres offer exceptional aquaplaning safety and keep your control on the vehicle intact at all times.
  • Kerbing protectors prevent alloy damage.
  • High mileage potential and fuel efficiency enable significant cost savings.
Below are Continental Vanco Camper tyre reviews and ratings
Rated 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 customer reviews.
Grip in the dry 9
Grip in the wet 9
Steering responsiveness 9
Cornering Stability 9
Resistance to Aquaplaning 9
Tread wear versus mileage 8
Resistance to Aquaplaning 10
Noise level 10
Quality versus price 9
General appearance / tread pattern 10

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These are best tyres for motorhome driving.

Not the best for wear.

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