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Ultra-high performance from Continental CONTINENTAL TS830

Continental TS830


The Continental TS830 tyres are premium tyres suited for mid-sized and compact cars. These winter tyres offer outstanding braking performance on wet and icy roads, ensuring maximum safety in wintery conditions.

Shorter braking distances: Braking distances have been dramatically reduced in all weather conditions. Stopping distances have been improved in snow due to the high number of blocks in the shoulder area, ensuring safety even when conducting most extreme braking manoeuvres.
Superb handling capabilities: These tyres enable stability and control in conditions that would have previously been impossible to drive in. You can now feel assured of complete control when driving, no matter how difficult the winter conditions may be.
Fantastic control in wet weather conditions: The risk of aquaplaning has been significantly reduced. The arrow-shaped grooves in the tread pattern ensure effective water dispersion to increase driver safety and stability.
Increased levels of comfort: Comfort levels have been dramatically improved through reduced noise levels. Not only do you gain greater control when driving in difficult conditions, you can now be assured of a smooth and positive driving experience.

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