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Ultra-high performance from Continental CONTINENTAL SPORT CONTACT 2 * RFLAT

Continental Sport Contact 2 * RFLAT


255/40 W 17 W94

The Continental Sport Contact 2 tyres are premium tyres suited for high performance vehicles. The tyres have fantastic grip levels in both wet and dry conditions, giving you much greater control. These tyres also have excellent braking and cornering safety.

Improved traction: These tyres boast superb braking performance due to vastly improved levels of grip. In difficult road conditions, these tyres will be able to maintain a high level of performance. The improved traction will help you feel comfortable and safe when driving.
Reduced risk of aquaplaning: Performance in wet conditions is also greatly improved. When driving in wet conditions, the risk of aquaplaning is greatly reduced. These tyres will prevent the skid of losing control and skidding on wet road surfaces.
Enhanced corner stability: The responsiveness of the vehicle’s steering will also be improved with these tyres. When approaching corners you can be confident of perfect handling, no matter the road conditions.
Low road noise levels: Noise levels have also been reduced to increase comfort when driving. Due to this, you can be assured of a comfortable and smooth driving experience.

BMW recommends ‘*’ rated tyres to improve performance. These tyres have been specifically designed to complement the performance characteristics of their vehicles. Tyre Shopper recommends replacing in sets of four. These tyres can be fitted to other vehicles.

Run-flat tyres have heavily reinforced sidewalls and are designed to keep the tyre fixed to the wheel, even when operating at zero pressure. Most tyre manufacturers DO NOT recommend a Run-flat tyre be repaired following operation at reduced pressure. Tyre Shopper recommends replacing run-flat tyres with run-flat tyres.

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